Qingdao Longtemp Int’l Logistics Co Ltd is a rising international cargo services company, granted to be Class 1 int’l forwarding company by China Commercial Division, honored : “Longtemp” .

    Our operating items are int’l transportation(airfreight, seafreight, intermodel & sea-air freight), int’l trading, customs broker, free zone, cargo insurance, etc.
We have professional and experienced staff in our company, our general manager is much experienced in shipping field, worked for a few famous shipping companies, being trade supervisor, office manager and regional manager. At meantime, we have good relationship with various shipping companies, getting trust and support from them, doing well in Asia/Eurco/Med/Aust/Trans-Pacific trades, also having reputed worldwide network in agencies. We also set up offices and agencies in main ports of China, like SHA/NBO/SZN/GZU/XGG/DLN, even HKG/SIN have good agent there, in order to serve our customer closely and better.At the same time,our company spent a great deal of energy in establishing overseas transport network,and strive to build the company into an international transport network company.In 2006,we eventually became a member of the UnitedShipping global alliance.

    With good network wealth, biz is developing fast. Using professional knowledge and team work, we succeeded in a few cases :
1.Handling import for Metro with oversea professional logistics company;
2.Operating mineral import with LCC bulk ship;
3.Operating ship calling at Qingdao,Ningbo under assistance of husbanding agency;
4.Bulk ship chartering;
5.SOC operating inside SEA.
Longtemp is having strong customs broker system, can do customs declaration for customer in time. At meantime, can serve for traders submitting relevant business infor platform; material searching; quotation on material; etc.





Suez Canal blockage highlights global supply chain risks

Suez Canal blockage highlights global supply chain risks


With the successful escape of the stranded cargo ship “Long Give” recently, the Suez Canal in Egypt is gradually returning to normal traffic. Analysts believe that after the complete restoration of canal traffic, the identification of accident liability and compensation for damages will become the focus in the short term, while in the long term,
The economic trend remains unchanged, and the traffic volume has increased year-on-year.

The economic trend remains unchanged, and the traffic volume has increased year-on-year.


The economic trend remains unchanged Good volume growth year-on-year    January “One Belt One Road” container shipping volume    In 2021, facing the still complicated and severe foreign trade situation, China will continue to strengthen policy support and maintain policy continuity, stability and sustainability. In January, China’s foreign trade situation had a good start. The