December 14, 2015

Guangzhou port group in the United States Office was set up

Guangzhou Guangzhou port group in December 9th held a ceremony for the establishment of the United States Office of the United States Office and customer forum, the move is to implement the three year action plan for the shipping center, to promote the port business development. According to the Guangzhou port group responsible person, to

December 4, 2015

Taicang port and Malaysia Port Klang sororize port

Taicang port and Port Klang, Malaysia recently in Taicang Port Management Committee signed documents officially concluded as sister harbor, the two sides will in route, logistics, information, personnel and other areas of cooperation, common services for the construction of “21st century Silk Road on the sea”. Port Klang in the Malacca Strait, is Malaysia’s largest

November 16, 2015

Cross border electricity suppliers for air freight new opportunities seamless link into a trend

One degree of one year, “Double Ten One” is now ended, and the brightest logistics experts into many material and financial resources, eating this gluttonous feast. Is a former air cargo to seize the initiative, or traditional tyrannical road transport ready, or by means of high-speed rail powerhouse of interest and then under rivers and

November 4, 2015

Interpretation of cross-border electricity suppliers Hangzhou mode customs clearance program

General Administration of Customs approval recently approved the China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area customs supervision program, which is the country’s first cross-border electricity suppliers clearance program, Hangzhou cross-border electricity suppliers in the area of the customs clearance of the 15 relevant policies officially landed. As the country’s first approved the establishment of cross-border

November 4, 2015

China and South Korea since the era of warming and other six areas of warming and other fields of maritime power to help

November 1st, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Seoul to attend the economic circles of South Korea to welcome luncheon and keynote speech, he said, China and South Korea established diplomatic relations in just 20 years, bilateral trade volume has been close to $60, an increase of nearly 300000000000 times. The momentum of rapid development in

November 4, 2015

Japan’s three major shipping companies lowered the annual earnings expectations

Due to the liner and bulk cargo market oversupply and shortage of demand, Japan’s three major shipping companies mol (mol), Nippon Yusen NYK line) and Kawasaki Kisen (“K” line, have cut profit forecasts for fiscal year 2015. The first half of the 2015 fiscal year mol recorded revenue of 904700000000 yen, last year recorded revenue

October 30, 2015

OSV day rent will continue to decline

It is reported that, due to the continued downturn in oil prices, oil companies are working to support the ship (OSV) ship owners to seek more price concessions. BP (BP) CEO Dudley Bob said, in order to deal with the problem of oil prices, BP is slowing down the drilling project, and asked the owner

September 17, 2015

Internet + logistics will become the next outlet

Logistics costs remain high, is the current small and medium micro production business enterprise, it is difficult to bear the weight”. At the same time, the domestic logistics industry has long been in a low efficiency, scale, price war, and so on. With the Internet on the traditional industry transformation of speed, Internet + logistics