The Major Event of China Shipping Logistics Industry in 2016

  • Date: Dec 28, 2016
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2016 years to become the logistics industry development policy year

Intensive introduction of the policy is to promote the development of the logistics industry this year, the biggest thrust: March 3, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “on the strengthening of logistics short board building to promote effective investment and consumption of a number of opinions,” the article said, will strengthen logistics short On May 23, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a circular on doing a good job of modern logistics innovation and development of urban pilot work to determine the Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing and other 20 cities for the development of modern logistics innovation pilot September 1, the Ministry of Transport issued on the pilot to promote reform and innovation to speed up the development of car-free carrier logistics views; October 13, to promote the “long-term railway network planning” to promote the reform and opening up the city, the National Development and Reform Commission, “The construction work of the Leading Group Office of the formal issuance of” China-EU class construction and development planning (2016-2020) “… …

Central enterprises “Baotuan” response to the global shipping market downturn

Global shipping market remains in the doldrums – the world’s seventh largest shipping company Hanjin maritime bankruptcy protection, the world’s largest shipping company Maersk Line announced early layoffs 4,000 people.

At the same time, the shipping industry is also showing a large-scale, alliance and large-scale ship trend: China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation and China Shipping (Group) Corporation mergers and acquisitions for China Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd., more than 500 billion yuan ; SINOTRANS Changhang Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated into the China Merchants Group Co., Ltd., the scale of more than 700 billion yuan.

Private express industry embraced the capital market

2016 National Express parcels is expected to reach 30 billion, express business revenue will reach 400 billion yuan, but the extensive development of the courier industry, homogenization of serious competition, structural contradictions, profit margins continued to decline, infrastructure capital demand , Private express delivery companies have chosen to embrace the capital market to improve market competitive advantage. Zhongtong listed in the NYSE, Yuantong, SF, Shen Tong, rhyme is the backdoor big Yang creation, Ding Tai new material, Eddie, Xinhai shares in the A-share market, and BESHI Huitong, Debang, also in the queue.

“Central Europe classes” to enable a unified brand

Railway freight reform this year, intensified, began to seek information in the modern logistics construction, logistics market development, container transport and shorten the time limit to four breakthroughs.

“Unified brand, unified transport organization, unified price throughout the process, unified service standards, unified management team, a unified platform for coordination,” the “new European and European Union,” the new brand, Central Europe classes “to create a railway intermodal freight brand.

Known as the history of the most stringent highway governance over the New Deal landing

Known as the history of the most stringent “overtaking transport vehicles road management regulations” since September 21 officially implemented, to solve the traffic police Road, the implementation of different standards, punishment discretion is too large, overrun transport approval and other issues, but New Deal will be the highest total weight of goods from 55 tons down to 49 tons. At the same time requirements, the total cargo height from the ground calculation of not more than 4 meters, the total cargo width of not more than 2.55 meters, the total length of goods shall not exceed 18.1 meters, a fine of 500 yuan per super ton, the maximum penalty of 30,000 yuan. According to the assessment, the impact of long-distance road freight costs or an increase of 25% to 35%, which led to road freight transport, especially large-scale road freight rail transport.

The pilot reform in the logistics industry in full swing

Since May 1, the “business tax reform pilot value-added approach” in the logistics industry in full swing, a huge impact on the logistics business model. Taxpayers in general tax burden rise instead of falling, the actual tax burden from the past 5% business tax rose to about 6.6%; small taxpayers from 5% to 3% tax burden, but the general taxpayer because of reduced deduction instead of Is willing to deal with small taxpayers, leading to a small taxpayer market shrinking; to support the actual operation of the logistics business tax burden may be increased. Therefore, it may accelerate the integration of logistics enterprises, and improve the internal management of logistics enterprises, especially the level of financial management, and promote the subtle management of vehicles affiliated to the logistics.

Chinese enterprises in the global port layout

COSCO Marine took the absolute controlling stake in Piraeus Port of Greece and planned it as a “gateway port” to the Mediterranean. China Overseas Group took over the operation of Gwadar Port in Pakistan and connected with Xinjiang directly through CMB Economic Corridor. China’s power investment in the construction and commissioned by Rizhao Port and other operations in Hong Kong, Malaysia Huang Jinggang, will become the largest in Hong Kong after the completion of the East; Shenyang Railway Bureau also plans to pass Hunchun – Zarubino Hong Kong “borrowed” by the Chinese economy and energy lifeline of the Malacca Strait; Hong Kong to the sea “and make full use of the Arctic gold waterway, the northeast and southeast coast of the Sino-European maritime transport shortened by 1/3; plus before the Australian enterprises in Darwin, Australia 99 years leasehold rights, the overseas port group layout of the initial formation of the global logistics Network configuration more advantages.

Ministry of Communications to promote road freight Car – free carrier pilot

In order to fully respond to the implementation of the Internet + efficient logistics, from October this year to December 2017, the Ministry of Transport in the country to carry out road freight Car Carrier pilot work to promote the supply side of the logistics industry structural reforms to promote the logistics industry ” Reduce the efficiency “, and mobile Internet technology and freight logistics industry, the depth of integration, effectively enhance the transport organization efficiency, optimize the logistics market structure, standardize the main business behavior of the market. Car carrier market is expected to more than one trillion yuan of the scale, there are eight provinces and cities 105 companies selected Car Carrier pilot enterprises.

Wisdom Logistics Drives Economic Transformation and Upgrading

China’s online retail market scale ranks first in the world, leading to rapid development of electronic business logistics. Global leader in business Amazon with its own logistics and cloud computing, large data support to become a model for global logistics and distribution. Domestic Jingdong logistics also opened the opening of the logistics network platform model, rookie network is to build data-based courier, warehouse allocation and end of the entire logistics network platform, so that “618” and “double 11” during the distribution efficiency of a qualitative leap.

Dangerous chemicals transport safety has been an unprecedented attention

Economic growth is accompanied by an increase in demand for dangerous chemicals, but economic growth and safety are both sides of a coin. In February of this year, the State Council on the Tianjin Port “8.12” fire and explosion to deal with the views, of which 24 were held criminally responsible, 74 people responsible for disciplinary action. On November 29, the General Office of the State Council issued the Comprehensive Program for the Safety Management of Dangerous Chemicals. The National Committee of Dangerous Goods and the National Road Transport Standardization Technical Committee conducted research on the transportation safety of hazardous chemicals from different angles.

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