A volcanic eruption in the United States, Alaska, the impact of the impact of past flights

  • Date: Apr 01, 2016
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Beijing, March 28, according to U.S. media reports, local time 27, one of the United States, Alaska, a volcanic eruption, the ash into the ash into a 20 thousand foot high. U.S. aviation department also issued a warning to the past flights.
Reported that the eruption of the volcano name Pavlof volcano, located at the tip of the Alaska Peninsula arc islands, the Aleutian Islands.
Alaska Volcano Observatory said 27 pm local time, the eruption of the volcano. Subsequently, the aviation sector issued a warning to the past, until the local time 28 morning, the highest level of the red alert is still.
In addition, in the eruption of the volcano, the U.S. Geological survey also measured a number of local earthquakes occurred.

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