Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong: 2016 electricity suppliers four major trends

  • Date: Jan 07, 2016
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On June 1 in the new year internal employee communication meeting, Ali Baba Group CEO Zhang shared four major trends in business development, respectively, to wireless terminal, online and offline fusion, to digital and the service commodity, globalization and rural.
Zhang Yong said, these four aspects to us to open up a great prospect or a great one window. These areas are we now explore, or is still relatively limited, to? Some are just starting. This is our one a huge blue ocean, we how can lead the business to these huge blue ocean. “

Wireless to multiterminal

From the whole group in ALL wireless to the world’s first mobile living platform, a successful implementation of the Arab Palestinian Pakistan from PC to the wireless. Zhang Yong stressed, “we have come from the PC to the wireless, not to the wireless, is to go to the radio.”
“From the entire operating situation in December, the vast majority of transactions have been completed through wireless.” Zhang Yong said, we today through wireless access Taobao lynx users, far more than the user through the PC, the vast majority of users only access to wireless.”
Ali Baba third quarter earnings have been highlighted as the world’s first mobile platform strength. According to the disclosure of earnings data, alli mobile monthly active users in a single quarter net increase of 39 million, accounted for 6 percent of China’s mobile phone users, the annual platform active buyers to 3.86 billion.
However, with intelligent devices become one of hardware and software and diverse. The new consumer decision-making link will be more and more excitation, which is the important changes in the wireless to the many fold.
“The combination of Internet and business, from one end to the terminal, PC is just one of the one to the radio.” Zhang Yong said, “in such a change, how do we capture this opportunity, this is the first change we see the trend.”

Online and offline fusion

“We always think that O2O is a false proposition, is the essence of the ‘online and offline integration’, online and offline or line to go online,” Zhang Yong said.
In today’s business world, based on the commercialization of the Internet, bringing the whole channel of user management based on large data, and ultimately the formation of the whole channel sales, so that consumers get a new user experience. This is the common pursuit of Baba and all businesses.
Zhang Yong believes that the traditional line of business people on the Internet is not less than we think, they are more pressing to try to try to embrace the Internet, how to use the Internet to transform themselves. And today from the line, we also strode to the line to help them transform the business, so the integration of online and offline is a second aspect we can see.
From the investment intime to build a sample of online and offline, to open the data to all the business to do the “water and electricity coal” – like infrastructure, a Baba has been fully integrated into the online and offline.

Towards digital and Service class goods

With changes in user access habits, as well as the demand for services to upgrade, the electricity suppliers have and a large range of goods from the physical to the digital and service categories.
Yong believes that the basic necessities of life all as a natural person to survive the needs of basic state, have been Internet penetration into, and a lot of change occurs. He drops a taxi for example, people have to travel because of its revolutionary influence.
In the past, Taobao, lynx in physical goods trading service has been a great success. On the contrary, in the space of a more huge service class, digital goods market, the infiltration is not deep. Zhang Yong said, how we like the use of wireless tools, wireless experience, to help consumers, service consumers, will be a great opportunity for future growth of electricity suppliers.”

Globalization and rural areas

Palestinian group, the three core strategies, globalization and rural areas accounted for the second. In 2016, the three major battles, globalization and rural electricity business is also the business to fight two wars.
Zhang Yong said, “we firmly from the domestic go international, from urban to rural areas, is our business one of the next year will be very important strategic step, also is the core of our entire scouring for the business part.”
2015 is the first year of the Arab Palestinian start of globalization. Lynx international, fast sell through, Taobao global purchase and other services will be a Baba’s global buy, sell the world to a new height.
Also in the past one year, rural Taobao through build county village two level network services, give full play to the advantages of electronic commerce, the Bottleneck Breakthrough of logistics and information flow, to achieve “net goods to the countryside” and “agricultural town” two-way flow function and construction rural wisdom, realize the rural urbanization.
Up to now, the village Taobao village service site has more than 10000, covering more than 20 provinces in the country.

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