APL US line promised to arrive on time, “US eagle protection” increased to 20 routes!

  • Date: Oct 10, 2017
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APL announced on Oct. 9 that APL will provide “Eagle Safeguard” services for 20 cross-Pacific routes, known as Eagle Public Guaranteed, with the arrival of a trans-Pacific route hot season.

The customer will participate in the program by paying the surcharge. If the goods are not arriving on time, the surcharge will be 100% refundable.

Eagle Wild Guaranteed will cover 20 cross-Pacific routes, including 14 US routes and 6 US routes. Involving China’s Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian and Vietnam’s Gama Bay (Cai Mep).

Jesper Stenbak, Senior Vice President of APL Trans-Pacific Trade, said that Eagle Email Guaranteed can solve the shortage of passengers for customers during the hot season of the Trans-Pacific route. APL will provide priority services for customers participating in the service plan.

Eagle Email Guaranteed covers 20 routes across four ports in Asia, including 14 Eagle Express (EX1), South China 1 (SC1) and Pendulum Loop 1 (PE1) services.

At the same time, APL also provides six loop routes, including Pendulum Loop 2 (PE 2) and China AW Loop 5 (AW5).

In addition to Eagle GO Guaranteed, APL’s “Eagle Safeguard” service includes Eagle GET Guaranteed and Eagle REACH Guaranteed. This series of service plans support the refund guarantee.

Eagle GET Guaranteed was formerly known as Eagle Stow, which ensures fast unloading of APL’s EX1, SC1 and PE1 routes at Los Angeles Harbor. Eagle GET Guaranteed ensures that the goods are unloaded within 12 hours after the start of the cargo operation.

Eagle REACH Guaranteed was formerly known as Eagle Guaranteed, which promised to arrive in the United States on time, including six inland destinations including Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, El Paso, Kansas City and Memphis.

“With our EX1 service, this series of Eagle Protect products will further differentiate APL’s market position. This comprehensive end-to-end solution is tailored to the different needs of our customers. We believe that this high-end product Will provide shippers with the predictability they need to gain a critical competitive advantage, “says Jesper Stenbak.

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