Chinese Academy of Sciences report: the world’s top 10 container ports in China accounted for 7

  • Date: Jul 12, 2016
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The latest forecast China news agency, Beijing, July 12 (Reporter Liu Zhangzhong) – Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Centre forecast disclosed on the 12th show in 2016, the world’s top 20 container ports China still accounts for half of the top 10 container ports have seven in China.

Day forecast Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Centre released “2016 Global Container Port Top20 forecast report” shows that the top 10 container ports have seven from China are: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Ningbo – Zhoushan Port, Qingdao Port, Hong Kong Port, Guangzhou Port, Tianjin Port. The year in which the feed container throughput of Shanghai Port 3700-37200000 TEUs, an increase of 1.2 to 1.7%, will remain the world’s largest container port One first position.

The report predicts that by 2016, global Top20 container port in China ports except Hong Kong, Kaohsiung and negative growth in Dalian Port, the other port container throughput will achieve single-digit growth.

The report predicts that the analysis by region, the Asian region’s major port container throughput growth will be lower than the global average, China’s port container throughput growth rates tend to slow down, while the majority of European and American port container throughput will show steady growth.

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