Cross border electricity suppliers for air freight new opportunities seamless link into a trend

  • Date: Nov 16, 2015
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One degree of one year, “Double Ten One” is now ended, and the brightest logistics experts into many material and financial resources, eating this gluttonous feast. Is a former air cargo to seize the initiative, or traditional tyrannical road transport ready, or by means of high-speed rail powerhouse of interest and then under rivers and lakes? It seems to have been the result.
Air cargo express delivery is to the concept has become past tense, high above the spirit has gradually lost the light, but not fast breaking killer also gone, in today’s logistics experts from various quarters Competition competition, air cargo could also revive Treasures?
Obsolete lonely aristocrat
Air cargo has become a thing of the past high above; cargo killer but not fast breaking, has gone; lonely aristocrat, is facing a bloody fight.
Air cargo logistics industry as a high, large, on just One debut, immediately became a leader in logistics counterparts, fast, safe, high prices of basic lay the image of cold air cargo. Although limited by the constraints of shipping, but whether international or domestic air cargo have gone through years One segment sweet seller. Then foreign Ye Hao, domestic air cargo worth mentioning, yet not ready to meet the logistics outbreak of mental preparation, due to the lag of all-cargo aircraft, have led to the number of guests luggage have an impact on the air cargo One of stowage positions important weight.
But the hero, in view of other transport category roots illnesses, such as road freight is not standardized, railways drag riding, etc., resulting in air cargo One outstanding ride, Swordsman, fast system in the world, in order to associate the world proud, air cargo logistics is Beloved community, many of its freight customers are respected and feared – Noriyuki accurate, fear of high prices.
Although the share after the logistics and transport market, the proportion of air cargo ranked waterways, roads, railways, but a valuable commodity, One bit hard to find, cargo ushered in more than a decade in the political arena peerage. As of 2014, China’s total cargo turnover has remained the world’s top three, an increase of 93% in 2005.
Brutal and unrestrained growth of air cargo covered eyes, lonely seeking status to defeat the slack pace of innovation and change air cargo. 2009 international financial crisis for the fuse, burning up from the international freight forwarding, by the downturn in the international environment, hardship conducting international predators to strongly depend on international routes China’s air cargo; while the domestic market have been spurt electricity supplier Development has been summoned air cargo, air cargo is regrettable lagging service model, such as lack of network fragmentation fulcrum One-stop service, making air cargo lonely only watched figure flew electricity supplier ……
In 2012, for example, China’s total air cargo decreased by 2%, of which the domestic air cargo grew by only 2.6%, while the Chinese express delivery market, an average annual growth of 40%. Only sigh nonetheless? An invaluable asset to the fast, long Baide Bang, Arima, etc. One dry wilderness Swift (the day up, the next day) Truck flights resolve in the invisible, quasi weapon proud and arrogant domineering revive frustrated frustration precise high-speed rail, 500 Transport kilometers of almost naked. The disadvantage Takayuki happens reservations, so the moment the cargo is everywhere howling autumn wind, feeling the old Shaonian Lang.
But not fast breaking softness
Lowered self-esteem, rivers and lakes melee Or One corner stands still high cold? Cross-border electricity supplier quick, flexible customization One-stop service whether the comeback of capital ……
Heroes twilight, or twilight? Cargo experienced from 2010 to 2014, nearly five years Fang Huang, is cast aside, stripped to the waist war in the electricity business, or jealously guarding its own share of loneliness and solitude, withdrawn in One corner? Blurred, confused, faced with a choice of air cargo.
Today logistics competition is heating, air cargo want to stand out, must reinvent itself, seeking to break the stand!
Martial arts world, only the fast is not broken. Of which it is no longer a simple fast fast transport of, but the reaction of the fast, the air cargo must regain their positioning in the ultra long-range weapon rapid reaction. Cross-border electricity supplier mighty, inevitably stir appetite colored logistics, air cargo demand and for the occasion, to highlight their own fast transport, sensitive response, will be able to share this feast of One cup of soup. Fresh, high-end of the consumer base multiplied by China Ran impressive, luxury safe, fast, experiential wake of the air cargo service is a natural resistance.
Hard water, dealt with gently. Flexible customized air cargo One regenerate another weapon. Get out in a few large family domestic air cargo (Air China Cargo, China Southern Cargo, etc.) still need to lower the waist, to UPS, SF reference, give full play to the flexibility of customization and accurate cargo services. Examples of express delivery giant UPS Red Collar flashing wisdom. With quick precision air cargo, UPS successfully 1200 sets the Nissan Shandong red collar suit their own training to become Shandong’s largest customers. This means flexible customization, air cargo can have.
GeZongLianHeng, long symbiosis, hand in hand distribution companies, intermodal, net warehouse operations, the need to create a One-stop air cargo services. Logistics world is our world, but also the air cargo world. Cargo should establish a high-end distribution companies, the use of capital distribution network abroad, to join the private courier etc. One dry seize the high-end market, especially the layout of the overseas market, combined with cross-border electricity and Internet + and other trend, seamless links to aviation Freight Embedded-based flexible supply chain system, then the flow of benefit to the development of large logistics.
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