Guangzhou port group in the United States Office was set up

  • Date: Dec 14, 2015
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Guangzhou Guangzhou port group in December 9th held a ceremony for the establishment of the United States Office of the United States Office and customer forum, the move is to implement the three year action plan for the shipping center, to promote the port business development.
According to the Guangzhou port group responsible person, to set up offices in the United States, the main purpose is to implement the international shipping center of Guangzhou three year action plan deployment, to promote the rapid development of Guangzhou port, to attract more overseas business U.S. route to the port of Nansha, to provide more services for enterprises to the hinterland of Guangzhou port.
Mr. Chapet, the first director of the office of the United states. In the next three years, Chapet will be in Guangzhou port group under the direct leadership, as the representative of the United States of Guangzhou port group, to carry out North American import and export business, logistics, procurement, shipping companies local company marketing promotion, for overseas buyers choose Nansha port as a departure port, expanding the container business.
Guangzhou port group hopes to help the United States Office of this platform, which can effectively promote the customer and the United States in the Pearl River area, to attract more supply for the liner companies to provide more route services for the freight forwarding companies to provide more choice for the hinterland and reduce the cost of integrated logistics.
The establishment of the office of the United States is an important step in Guangzhou port group to expand overseas markets, but also for the future in Europe, Singapore, Hongkong and other places to set up offices in the accumulation of experience.
At present, the Guangzhou port group has 102 container liner routes, covering the world’s major countries and regions; the use of the Pearl River developed water system, the opening of the shuttle bus line 51, to achieve the full coverage of the Pearl River Delta region. Nansha port has been completed and can call on the world’s biggest container ship berths 14, Nansha three years after the completion of the project added 2 berths.
Nansha container four pre work has been started, and then the full completion of the container handling capacity will exceed 20 million standard box. In order to extend the free trade zone to the inland, to attract the hinterland of Guangzhou port to import and export, this year, Guangzhou port in the inland of the newly established 10 dry port and office.
At present, the Guangzhou port group set up a total of 15 inland dry port or office, covering Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Shanghai and other major inland cities.

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