History of the development of cross-border electricity suppliers

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In September 2011 years ago, the cross-border electricity suppliers in the media before the term occurs, in which we used foreign trade electricity suppliers. I believe that every one of the cross-border electricity business practitioners, looking back today, one year of cross-border electricity suppliers, will be the speed of the industry’s rapid development of the shock. It is gradually opening up policy, or as many platforms up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain
In September 2011 years ago, the term cross-border electricity suppliers in the media, before we use foreign trade electricity suppliers. I believe that every one of the cross-border electricity business practitioners, looking back today, one year of cross-border electricity suppliers, will be the speed of the industry’s rapid development of the shock. Regardless of is the policy of gradually opening up or are springing up many platforms breakout, the cross-border industry structure gradually clear. This article we do not chat about the dry, only talk about the history of the development of cross-border business, look at cross-border is exactly one kind of how development process, then please with the small series to look down.
1, cross-border electricity suppliers in the 1 phase (1999 ~ 2003)
Cross-border electricity suppliers 1 times the main business model is online display, trade information under the line of foreign trade information services. The main function of the third phase of cross-border electricity suppliers 1 party platform for enterprise information and products to provide a network platform for the display, not on the network involved in any transaction link.
The profit model mainly through membership fees to the information display enterprise (such as service fee). Cross-border electricity supplier in the 1 phase of the development process, but also gradually derived from the auction promotion, consulting services, such as suppliers to provide one-stop information flow value added services.
In the 1 phase of cross-border electricity providers, Ali Baba international station, global resources network as a typical representative platform. Among them, Ali Baba was established in 1999, mainly on the network information service, supplemented by meeting transactions under the line, is one of China’s largest foreign trade Yellow Pages information platform. Global resources network was established in 1971, formerly known as Source Asian, is Asia’s earlier providing trade market information, and in April 28, 2000 on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, equity code GSOL.
During this period also appeared in China manufacturing network, South Korea EC21 network, Kellysearch and a large number of supply and demand information based trading platform for cross-border electricity suppliers. Cross-border 1.0 stage although through the Internet to solve the China trade information for the problem of world buyers, but still unable to complete online transactions, for foreign trade business of the industrial chain integration only complete information flow integration links.
2, cross-border electricity suppliers in the 2 phase (2004 ~ 2012)
2004, the 2 phase of cross-border electricity providers coming. This stage, the cross-border business platform began to get rid of the pure yellow pages information behavior in the show, the line transaction, payment, logistics and other processes to achieve electronic, gradually realize the online trading platform.
Compared to the first one stage, cross-border business 2.0 prefers to embody the essence of electronic commerce, with in e-commerce platform, through the service, the integration of resources to effectively open up the supply chain upstream and downstream, including B2B platform for small business trading platform model, and B2C (platform for users) platform model two kinds of mode. Cross-border electricity providers in the 2 phase, B2B platform model for cross-border electricity suppliers mainstream model, through direct docking of small and medium enterprises to achieve the first step in the industry chain to shorten, enhance the profit margin of commodity sales.
In cross-border business 2.0 stage, the third party platform realized revenue diversification, also realized to the charging mode, the membership fees “changed to collect” commissions “, namely according to clinch a deal the effect to collect% commission. At the same time through the platform marketing promotion, payment services, logistics services, such as access to value-added benefits.
2004-2008 years:
In this era. And a lot of people, exactly said one batch of overseas study in eBay and Amazon to sell game currency, dragon network the earliest also started the game currency, many people began to sell game currency, earn the life first bucket of gold. After 2006, the network game began not so popular, and then in 2007 eBay announced that it is no longer engaged in virtual game currency transactions, this stage will be terminated.
2007-2011 years:
This stage, we call it the era of the prevalence of fakes. The first batch of students began the earliest Chinese manufacturing transactions. It is known to all, Huaqiang North in the online sale of goods. Of course, in this era, many grass root also fortune. Now most of the big electricity suppliers from that era, selling fake, selling fake goods, and profits are too high.

After 2011, we suddenly heard the word cross-border electricity suppliers, the word. Countries began to attach great importance to, one of the laws and regulations promulgated, the various regions of the government’s support to strengthen, of course, the competition is increasingly fierce. There are traditional industries in transition to enter, the line suppliers, logistics providers, service providers, and a growing number of the influx of the Arab Department of the seller.
3, cross-border electricity suppliers in the 3 phase (2013 ~)
2013 cross-border electricity suppliers to become an important transition year, the whole industry chain of cross-border electricity suppliers have changed the business model. With the transformation of cross-border electricity providers, cross-border electricity providers 3 big era will come.
First of all, the cross-border electricity suppliers with a large factory on the line, B class buyers into the scale, large orders in proportion to upgrade, the 3 major service providers to join and mobile users in five aspects of the outbreak characteristics. At the same time, a comprehensive upgrade of cross-border electricity suppliers 3 service platform, the platform has a stronger bearing capacity, the whole industry chain service is an important feature of the 3 era.
In the 3 phase of cross-border electricity suppliers, the user groups from the grassroots entrepreneurship to the factory, the foreign trade companies, and has a strong production design management capabilities. Change the platform product sales network, from secondary sources to supply a good product.
For 3.0 stage the main seller group is in from traditional foreign trade business to cross-border business difficult transition period and mode of production from the production line to flexible manufacturing change, on behalf of the operation and industry chain supporting service demand higher. On the other hand, the 3 stage of the main platform model is also by C2C, B2B to B2C, M2B mode, wholesale buyers in large transactions become the main platform orders.
Development course of export electricity suppliers
1, 2002, Chinese students began to sell on eBay, muffled fortune.
2, 2005, Dunhuang online line
3, 2006, with DX
4, 2007, Lanting Pavilion set potential
5, 2008, Milan network, FocalPrice set up
6, 2009, dragon network was established
7, 2010, the world’s quick to sell on the line
8, 2011, Southeast Asia’s largest cross-border electricity suppliers to set up lazada
9, 2012, Amazon global shop
10, 2013, wish reached a strong
11, 2014, the export of mother and infant toys patpat set up
12, 2015, cross-border mobile terminal first female shopping platform Bellabuy on the line, following the wish mobile terminal and a dark horse, the main mobile + personalized recommendation + vertical
The development process of import electricity suppliers
1, since the new century, the number of overseas students, business, tourism, purchasing began to rise
2, 2005, people who know foreign languages, and dual currency cards began to spread, there are sea Amoy family
3, 2011, the Ocean Terminal formally launched
4, 2014, the Customs issued 56 text, 57 text, China to enter the first year of cross-border electricity suppliers
5, February 2014, lynx international on-line, for domestic consumers for imported goods directly imported from overseas, imported baby brand honey bud set up
6, September 2014, No. 1 sea purchase, jumei.com overseas purchase, vipshop global sale officially launched
7, December 2014, Su Ninghai officially launched.
8, April 15, 2015, Jingdong global purchase business formally launched
9, 2015
So today’s cross-border electricity suppliers are:
1 commodity serious homogenization, the price is getting lower and lower, no low, only lower. You can not think of 0.99 dollars of goods is also an e-mail, only the cost of logistics, but there are still a lot of people doing, not lose money. But we are in the international image of overdraft on our reputation in the international world.
2 another question is the question of the international exchange rate. In 2000, the U.S. dollar exchange is 1:8, is now 1:6. RMB more and more in the country is not worth, but more and more valuable in foreign countries.
This is double garrotte for cross-border electricity providers.
3 we also have to face the problem of international intellectual property rights. I believe that all sellers friends have encountered, some developed countries, the protection of intellectual property rights is very strict, the three major platforms for intellectual property to pay more attention to the degree of. 2012 speed sell off on more than 700 accounts, a lot of domestic B2C seller’s operating qualifications have been removed.
4 we are facing the consumers are rational consumers, they plan to buy relatively strong in the platform, on the independent website, they are looking to see, compared to the ratio, so we are more and more difficult.
5 with the entry of the traditional industries, service providers to enter, in addition to the local line and the local line and online shop competition, cross-border e-commerce has been the bottleneck.
See this, we are not a little heart cool feeling. Current domestic electricity supplier seller probably about 10 million people, the seller is about 500 thousand people doing foreign trade, imports of electricity supplier sellers has not yet statistics, whether imported or exported, the seller base is constantly increasing.
So, the future of cross-border electricity suppliers will go from here?
Fine, branding, differentiation may be our way out!

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