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VGM before the New Deal, “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” has conducted a series of reports. Today VGM Deal One has been implemented in recent months, the parties have the level of experience of the practical operation VGM Deal, let us together look at One –

Held on July 2 in Beijing “2016 International Design Experience Conference,” Microsoft’s US headquarters chief design officer Michael Gough One kind of good will and policy framework design concept is defined as “to solve the existing problems and more than One species will not be derived from a benign program “more problems. In all industries around the world have the blessing of service when the proportion of the property, how to “moisten things silently” One more impact to the industry in the original continuity of the hard policy into the initial system has been more and more attention of the parties.

The current impasse in the shipping industry needs to be done by the original simple passive “foreign assistant” to “total logistics solutions provider” change – this is a One-ordination, protracted, not be too hasty in systems engineering. Although the total weight of the container verification (VGM) the collection, reporting, approval but the entire system of shipping magnate One tiny ring, but the server freight forwarders, ports, shipping companies, etc. Can a customer point of view to improve process efficiency, user-friendly operation, the compression associated costs? Do it or not, between good and bad, has become a competition of the One “soft power” of the big stage.

Too many incidents to prove the safety of navigation are the One shipping industry priorities


  (Variable Great Mess)


One problem may be that people are most concerned about: so far there is no container can not ship because VGM Deal? Heng Yuan International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Wang Yi, general manager of the “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” told reporters: “There is.” Wang Yi added: “The reason why there can not ship containers, mostly because there is no data to declare VGM, but have yet to hear the case because the error reporting data is aggrieved sum, currently the parties still in the running stage. , still in the process of exploring. the problem occurs because basically because of the VGM New Deal did not give enough attention as storage side, we will complete the customer One more ‘difficult cases’ weighing requirements without affecting the normal operation conditions ;. One of these companies exceeded the carrying capacity of the container with scale, we will drag it to the trailer near the port area with certification authorities Balancer of warehouse storage and transportation were weighed prior to the client but we will explain, warehouse party does not responsible for weighing data, charges just cost weighing on small ticket display does not charge any additional service fees. ”

And transportation links logistics enterprises One kind, was thought to be the shipper after the end of the VGM New Deal in a weak position information is also being VGM New Deal “baptism.”

Minister of Trade Co., Shanghai Friends of Sui Tang Xueying Production Management Department to “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” told reporters: “After the VGM New Deal, we worry about except a false statement to affect the external transportation time, but also close attention to the dynamics of operating costs related to the freight forwarding business. for now, given the chaos One charge exists. for example, we shipped to electronics-based consolidation, freight forwarding companies with some volume of charging units, some with tickets for the charging unit, such as a company on It provides FCL VGM operating fee is $ 20 / single, LCL $ 15 / single. in addition, various freight forwarding companies reporting VGM data document format is also very different, for which we have specially organized department staff documents centralized training. of course, some freight forwarding company offers “VGM declaration form Guide” (Fig. 1), eliminating the worries in this regard, is very humane. “Finally, Tang Xueying to” shipping Exchange bulletin “reporter revealed the following after bitter: “the current profit per case of goods enterprises are low-profit status, and big orders are signed years ago, it faced a similar policy costs, the business itself can only be expressed frustration.”

Then the freight forwarding business in this policy, “feast” on whether to enjoy the benefits? “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” reporters through field visits noted – not necessarily.

A significant proportion of small and medium enterprises for the freight charge VGM operating expenses or cautious. Operators generally considered to outweigh this profit offend customers. Small freight forwarding business competition, typically in order to keep our customers and select “哑巴吃黄连”, and even their own value-added services provided by the “self-deprecating self-cheap” situation.

Xuan Shanghai International Logistics Limited-ZHU Jian, general manager of the view that it should in the relevant charges One system, its cost will be reasonably apportioned to the owner. Zhu Jian also to the “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” reporters reflect some of the weight of the goods shipped poorly known shipper “overall weighing method” as the last straw, freight forwarding companies have requested instruction set truck drivers pass near the port area warehouse overall weighed. Truck drivers stand it, although the number of kilometers complain about which is not much, but over time there will be a marked increase in fuel costs, entering the harbor has become a bad time to control. In addition, VGM New Deal built warehouses also have influence One set, originally built in the staff will do a good job of container seals were photographed, and now requires container freight forwarding business since weighing data, will require staff warehouse built of container lead One second before sealing the first film photographs, adding to the workload of the relevant personnel.

Freight forwarding companies are also responsible for the New Deal for VGM expressed scorn. One bit of anonymity, general manager of the freight forwarding business to “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” correspondent, said: “As long as the owner of a gross weight not being given the weight of containers can be estimated – about 2.2 tons casket, big box about 3.7 to 4 tonnes, box about 4.2 tons, so we strongly recommend that customers use the ‘accumulated weighing method’ not recommended ‘overall gravimetric method’. ”

Whether that “sloppy” and “said the law” is tricky, widely recognized as the authoritative or weighing method is provided by major ports weighed. Different Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. Luo Jing Branch (Luojing Port) July 20 began to provide external container weighing services, and certain ports to provide “One car One box” only weighing services Luojing Hong Kong also provides “one box car One” and “One car two boxes of” two kinds of weighing services, weighing the cost of the basic approach followed “two hundred big and small One hundred” prevailing principle.

According to informed sources, in fact, not the port side will be regarded as profits VGM service point, but merely provide supporting services to clients within the port area, but the One once appeared a long line of trucks weighing extreme cases, to order Port will have an impact, so preventive measures in a timely manner to ease the reasonable demand of the shipper for weighing – port welcomes shipper “total weighing method” VGM acquired data or to its own trailer equipped with quality inspection agency certification value a weighing unit. In addition, questions about whether to enter the container yard and the presence of differences in charge, the person said to me after the fall of the container is weighed Port box exists shift link, and increases labor costs, so this part of the cost increase is reasonable – with the price lever to pry the industry to reasonable direction is adjusted to the invisible hand of the market order. Finally, with regard VGM sampling costs, since the final beneficiaries of the carrier, so this part of the fees charged by the port to shipping companies.

“Shipping Exchange Bulletin” correspondent by focusing on “Hong Kong Group manufacturing operations micro-platform” that, through which “PMB aspect” column under the “boxes of goods information inquiry” plate can easily check the VGM parameter container (Figure 2 ).

Following on Figure 2 in conjunction with “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” 2016 Section 23 “container weighing Deal” Exam “” in overweight analysis principles to resolve box number “TWCU2091249” container is overweight. The actual weight of the box is 6.38 tons, less than 20 tons, so the gap between the first check report the weight and actual weight exceeds ± 1 ton range, if the first test item does not exceed ± 1 ton, you will not have to check the ± 5% secondary test items – calculated 6.38-5.5 = 0.88 <1, so no need to check times test items – (6.38-5.5) ÷ 6.38 × 100% = 13.8%> 5%. After the above verification process, we concluded that the tank compliance can be on board. On the contrary, for more than 20 tons of heavy container box, the first test item can be changed to ± 5% range.

– Related parties VGM New Deal have given their views. In addition, “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” One reporter also noted that some hidden factors are affecting the entire transportation links operating time. For instance, a March 20 Maersk Line vessels have sailed One Liner in Hamburg, Germany, according to the usual regulations, cut and cut one-day Hong Kong and Japan were the ship’s 18-month and 16 days. One other shipping lines as a mother ship to ship Maersk purchase of cabin space, if customers of this shipping company booked this part of the ship, will be automatically cut one-day advance One day – that is the 15th of the month to cut single, while booking the mouth of the cut in a single day is another day to advance One month on the 14th, so the most likely scenario is a single cut on the day the goods are not from the factory trailer to the designated warehouse. For FCL weighing the needs of customers, the related work of the question, because most shipping lines in a single day that is a cross-sectional cut VGM day, the presence of this situation to make me warehouse and transport fleet with great pressure – related operations from the present time becomes strained not comfortable.

  (Very Good Methods)

As mentioned at the beginning of this article and – the safe navigation of the shipping industry is the first One important task, so the starting point VGM New Deal, it is a hit the industry pain points, but on “one species can solve the existing problems and more than One species not Therefore, the issue will lead to more benign plan “is still far – its industry as a whole” fallback “obvious, and” trouble “over the ear sound without a break.

Weighing as core business of the port location, how to cut this kind of “trouble” through the optimization process? Port Group weighing program flow (Figure  3) brothers and enterprises may be worth borrowing – to weigh specific details, each based on its own harbor infrastructure characteristics exhausted every means.

Here is the “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” correspondent listed VGM One more Port is operating practices weighing process.

The first stage is the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Area Athletic two container terminals (two outer pier), as the first in using the automated unmanned One dock yard, the outer two of the piers due to the implementation of the New Deal brought VGM job change taken a different approach – using container crane weighing functions, “One box One hanging” and manually record the reading. This efficiency is relatively high weighing mode has been set blown away by truck drivers. However, it should be noted that two of the piers outside this weighing method is a special case, the weighing mode rather than industry-wide adoption, after all, not every marina are willing to deploy resources to improve container crane weighing services.

Next to Shanghai Sheng Dongguo International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (Shing East Pier), take a look here, “One car One box” weighing process (Figure 4). Truck drivers bound for the first set of cards with the smart box approach and made crossing Kapil set containing heavy boxes into a small ticket, after the completion of the tickets sailing buffer commits VGM data collection application and pay to get to the next box area off the box, after you drop me heading for an alternative approach One crossing empty, said the focus was set Kapil said weight and the second weighing small ticket manually fill the empty weight, respectively, in the last two small ticket on the signature and handed weighed coordinators. “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” correspondent noted that the “One Box One car,” the VGM data collection practices Sheng East Pier has considerable representation.

  ”One car two boxes of” One straight is considered to be operating difficulties VGM New Deal, the reporter telephone interview Luojing Port Container department official, and learned the port for the “One car two boxes” weighing process (Figure 5 ). Let A, B two weight boxes are WA and WB, and set Kapil weight WT, first weigh the overall weight of WA + WB + WT, then B boxes off the box, weighed WA + WT weight – will (WA + WB + WT) – (WA + WT) obtained WB, and so, after the A box drop box available WA. The whole process more “One car One Box” is advantageous in that it need not be repeated drop box, the box, simply follow the procedures set card repeatedly called into focus can be.

 Compared with Luo Jing Hong Kong model, Shanghai Hudong Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (the outer four dock) on the “One car two boxes,” the weighing process is slightly different (Figure 6). First, data is acquired (WA + WT), the next get (WB + WT) by changing the box, but the key data WA and WB by subtracting each said data set Capilla weight without weighing data obtained. According to Pier One bit out four to complete the “One car two boxes” weighing truck drivers set to “Shipping Exchange Bulletin” reporters reflect: “The whole weighing process is no single set of cards by weight were weighed, but the whole process of weighing consumption Port obvious when compared to other longer. ”


(Sun Shijie / Sun Peili text / Chart)

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