In January China storage index for the 47.7% industry is still downward pressure

  • Date: Feb 15, 2016
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China Federation of logistics and purchasing released jointly with Limited by Share Ltd in February 2nd January 2016 China reserve development, storage index was 47.7%, up 1 percentage points lower, continue in the contraction range, showed that the storage industry is still downward pressure.
From the index point of view, by the festival factors, the business volume index fell sharply, demand support has weakened. Charge price, efficiency and other indexes have varying degrees of decline, reflecting the storage enterprise operating pressure still exists. Data shows, business volume index was 38.7%, down 11.3 percentage points from the previous month, main business cost index was 45.8%, down 7.2 percentage points; business profit index was 41.6%, 5.4 percentage points decline; price index 46.4%, relatively on the month fell 1.4 percentage points; final stock index was 47.6%, relatively on the month dropped 3.2 percentage points.
By industry, food, daily necessities, clothing etc. variety index higher levels, indicating that the Spring Festival approaching, the demand of consumer goods more prosperous, market performance is good, coal, nonferrous metals, building materials, steel, and other commodities production dropped significantly, mechanical equipment with the production enterprises in the habit of one month purchase also showed strong.

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