Japan’s three major shipping companies lowered the annual earnings expectations

  • Date: Nov 04, 2015
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Due to the liner and bulk cargo market oversupply and shortage of demand, Japan’s three major shipping companies mol (mol), Nippon Yusen NYK line) and Kawasaki Kisen (“K” line, have cut profit forecasts for fiscal year 2015.
The first half of the 2015 fiscal year mol recorded revenue of 904700000000 yen, last year recorded revenue of 890200000000 yen. The increase in revenue comes mainly from the tanker sector. Is the first steamboat central bankruptcy, mol second quarter loss of 26200000000 yen. By this effect, due to the bankruptcy of the one Chuo Kisen, and container and dry bulk business demand decline, the company’s fiscal year 2015 before 6 months to a net loss of 2.41 billion yen. Mol forecast the annual income of 1.758 trillion yen, compared with the beginning of the year 1.806 is expected to reduce 2.7% trillion yen. At the same time, the company also amended this year, net profit is expected to be 17000000000 yen, compared with the previous 43000000000 year plan of profit plunged 65%.
6 former Kawasaki steamboat in fiscal year 2015 monthly revenue increased 1.3%, to 668000000000 yen, 8560000000 yen over the same period last year. But the increase in operating income does not bring a better net profit. In the first half of 2015, its net profit of 11700000000 yen, a decrease of 21200000000 compared with the same period last year 45%. The company expects 2015 full year sales of 1.3 trillion yen, is expected to net profit of 12000000000 yen in the year, compared with the previous forecast of 23000000000 yen down 47.8%.
Three Japanese ship enterprise is the best performing nyk. 2015 6 months ago. The company recorded operating income of 1.198 yuan, the same period last year recorded a business income of 1.179 trillion yen. As of September 30, the company’s fiscal year 2015 before 6 months to net profit of 547 billion yen, last year in the first half of the fiscal year recorded a net profit of 200 billion yen. But despite the operating performance improved, Nippon Yusen also lowered its full year prospect, half of fiscal year 2015 due to system reform lead to the loss of will in this year first half of the year reflected, and bulk and container business environment in the next 6 months is still severe. The company has reduced the annual operating income from 2.4 to 2.37 yen, down to 1.3%. Annual net income is expected to reach 47000000000 yen, 55000000000 yen in July net income of 14.5% yen.
Despite the international oil prices and the depreciation of the yen has brought good, but due to the shipping market supply is a serious oversupply, weak demand, supply and demand has been seriously deteriorated, so the bulk business downturn, liner rates continue to fall. Japan’s three major shipping companies have lowered earnings expectations are also reflected in the current downturn in the shipping market from the side.
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