Multiple data is not equal to big data

  • Date: Feb 23, 2017
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At present, the shipping industry is in the process of re-shuffling, reassembling the process, the shipping market is facing a serious excess capacity, the price of the plight of the downturn, the traditional means and methods have been unable to help shipping companies out of the dilemma. How to make shipping companies from the current stage of the outbreak of embarrassment, has become a common problem in the shipping industry. In the face of this dilemma, perhaps in the large data, Internet technology, renewable energy and 3D printing and other areas of development in the wave, from the business model, strategic development and technical standards and other aspects of reform and innovation.

In the big data has become a national development strategy of the moment, the use of large data to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises has become the top priority of all walks of life research and development. In the second half of 2015, the State Council has issued a number of opinions on the use of large data to strengthen the service and supervision of market players and the Platform for the Promotion of Big Data Development. The aim is to promote the development of large data technology in China. Strategic resources in the shared at the same time by the attention. Big data strategy has risen to the national strategy, a time the industry big data surging, and even the traditional shipping industry has also joined the mighty innovation team.

In August last year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport jointly issued the “promotion” of the Internet + “convenient traffic to promote the implementation of intelligent traffic development program”, which is the first time the country on the overall framework of intelligent traffic and implementation of the program, its purpose is to promote Transportation and the depth of integration of the Internet to promote the development of intelligent traffic for the development of China’s transport to provide a strong support for modernization.

There is no doubt that the moment the world is a world surrounded by data. Shipping operations will naturally produce a lot of data, all the data are related, how to deal with, the use of these data to become a challenge.

Take the industry as an example. Compared with the dry bulk, tanker transport, container ship class secret, fast turnover, more “big data” to generate the basis and depth of resources, with “big data” R & D and application advantages.

First of all, Cargo Alliance formed a “route group” “capacity group” and cargo flow, capital flow, information flow, regardless of volume, speed are far more than other modes of transport, build “big data” model, Second, the use of “big data”, can predict market demand, precision capacity, optimize the capacity structure, so that the carrier can lock the cost of a single box to enhance the utilization rate of space, so effective Third, the “big data” can make different routes, different shipping and transport services, freight pricing forecast, so as to control the risk of supply chain business, to curb tariffs “dam” type of damage.

However, despite the fact that the fleet of shipping at the upstream and downstream intersection of maritime shippers, traders, shipowners and ports is making large and massive amounts of data at all times, it is undeniable that the trading platform In the state of disagreement in the statistical mode, the mass data of the shipbuilding industry is divided and dispersed in the closed loop of the organization or enterprise, which does not constitute “big data” because “multiple data” does not mean “big data”.

On the one hand, most of the shipping companies business data independent of each other, information island and repeat the construction of serious, “multiple data” often become spam, difficult to have intensive resources, precise decision-making guidance and value; the other hand, government departments, related industries Institutions only weekly or monthly regular collection of several statistical tables as a basis for decision-making, and regardless of the data in a comprehensive and informative, reliable and effective can form a real “big data”, even if the freight set according to the formation of freight Of the route freight index, nor is it directly linked with the spot market, so that the shipper is difficult in a public platform, “parity” orders.

The shipping industry often makes “multiple data”, but the lack of “big data” can create value. In recent years, the shipping companies to maritime booking services as the main body of the electricity platform:

(1) Amazon began to handle the goods shipped by Chinese merchants to its US warehouses through the sea, which had previously been borne by the transport business, and now Amazon was responsible for booking the space and shipping the goods between the port and the warehouse.

(2) Alibaba marriage Maersk Line launched “space treasure”, in the former one by one through foreign trade comprehensive service platform and the latter in the owner of direct supply, accommodation and lock the tariff and other aspects of cooperation, to provide customers with online Cabin, direct shipowners, guaranteed accommodation and other services. Soon, Star Shipping joined the platform.

(3) COSCO Shipping Group and Alibaba will be COSCO Shipping container Pinxiang business in a cross through foreign trade comprehensive service platform on-line, and Alibaba website registered all large and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises docking, enterprises can directly log on a pass to obtain the price , Sailing and other related logistics information, and can be a key to complete all the logistics operations procedures.

(4) CMA-CGM and Alibaba cooperation, CMA-CGM through a foreign trade through a comprehensive platform for customers to provide online booking, direct delivery to the owner of the service.

(5) international logistics service platform “where to go” and Maersk Line will create a new model of Internet booking – “first class.” Users can “transport to which” official website, directly to the Maersk shipping booking, after payment of margin, can be 100% to ensure that the space, to ensure that the use of boxes to ensure that trailers, lock prices.

Whether these platforms are true on the “big data” survival model, which remains to be analyzed. But it is undeniable that large data has become an irreversible trend, can predict that large data will be the next few years the forefront of business negotiations. In the global downturn in the shipping industry, shipping companies can quickly realize the potential business opportunities brought by large data, reconstruct information service platform, create unique solutions for shipping large data, tap and discover new business opportunities and create new industries Value, will be to enhance the competitiveness of the industry and profit margins effective way.

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