《” One with One Way “Chinese enterprises road map》

  • Date: Jun 13, 2016
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Last July 14, the State Council, the SASAC News release “” One with One Way “Chinese enterprises road map” to show inventory and central enterprises “going out” development status.
By the end of 2014, SASAC supervision of central enterprises have been more than 110 107 overseas branches were set up 8515, located in more than 150 countries and regions, more than 80 central enterprises have been “one band One Way” along the country set up branches.
Data showed that the “second five” since the total foreign assets of central enterprises from 2.7 trillion yuan to 4.6 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of 12.2%, the total foreign assets of central enterprises, operating income and total profit by the end of 2014 accounted for Central 12.7% of overall business, 18.3% and 8.6%.
Currently, in the promotion of interconnection infrastructure, the central enterprises to take a large number of construction and promote the work of “one band One Way” channel strategy and strategic fulcrum of the project, more than 80 central enterprises to set up branches in countries along the “One band One Way” , including 10 transmission line interconnection between China and Russia, and Kazakhstan, the China-Burma oil pipeline, China and Russia, Central Asia, China and Myanmar gas pipeline, Russia and other neighboring countries as well as Burma, Thailand and Laos railways, in Baka La Kunlun road, Sri Lanka Hambantota port and other projects.

《” Along the way “Chinese enterprises road map” schematic》
(From surging)


“One with One Way” Silk Road Ground


“One with One Way” Merchants Haishangsilu


“One with One Way” Chinese Maritime Silk Route


“One with One Way” China Sinotrans Haishangsilu


“One with One Way” COSCO Haishangsilu


“One with One Way” Silk Road of China Eastern Air


“One with One Way” national aviation Silk Road


“One with One Way” Southern Silk Air


“One with One Way” Chinese Oil Energy Silk Road


“One with One Way” China Petrochemical Energy Silk Road


“One with One Way” China Offshore Oil Energy Silk Road


“One with One Way” China State Grid Power Silk Road


“One with One Way” Southern Power Grid Silk Road


“One with One Way” China Mobile Information Silk Road


“One with One Way” China Unicom Information Silk Road


“One with One Way” China Telecom Information Silk Road

Source: surging, Netease news consolidate

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