Resource Agglomeration Function, Sound Service, High Efficiency, Shanghai Spreads the New Blueprint of Shipping Development

  • Date: Oct 11, 2016
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To 2020, the sea and air hub port throughput and shipping enterprises, institutions, and other factors represented the degree of concentration to maintain international leading position; have improved shipping, aviation supporting services, strong external radiation, the service market to a certain scale ; The Shanghai Municipal Government has officially released the “13th Five-Year Plan” period of the Shanghai International Shipping Center Construction Plan “(the” Planning “), Shanghai Shipping (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai International Freight Forwarding Co., Development of new blueprint on this started.

Encourage enterprises to expand port and shipping depth to the hinterland

In the “12th Five-Year” period, the tax rebate of Shanghai port, the non-five-star red flag vessel of Chinese-funded foreign trade container incidentally, and the international transit consolidation and other services have started pilot projects, and the level of customs clearance and facilitation has been further improved. Nearly 1,700 international maritime transport and auxiliary business units In Shanghai engaged in business activities, a number of international and national shipping functional agencies have settled in Shanghai, shipping elements gather significantly accelerated service functions gradually upgraded.

Zhang Lin, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, said that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai will promote the construction of Shanghai New Port and the optimization of port layout, accelerate the construction of the fourth phase of Yangshan Deepwater Port and play the demonstration effect of automated terminals, Waigaoqiao Port follow-up project construction; continue to promote the military road, Zhang Huabang and Huangpu River port port migration, to promote the functional transformation of Luojing port area, optimize the port function layout.

Bigger and stronger modern shipping services industry is the “13th Five-Year” period of Shanghai’s shipping industry an important task. Shanghai will encourage port and shipping enterprises to expand the industrial chain to the upstream and downstream, improve the cooperation mechanism with the port and shipping enterprises in the areas along the Yangtze River Economic Zone, expand the shipping and logistics network to the deep hinterland, support the port and shipping enterprises to take the initiative; Foreign investment and transnational operation, to build an international industrial distribution and service network, at a higher level to participate in international exchange and cooperation in the port; guide the port enterprises in efforts to enhance the loading and unloading warehousing services on the basis of strengthening the port and regional industrial interaction, Port Logistics Industry Chain.

Shanghai will study and promote the implementation of a new round of shipping service system innovation and open policy, explore in the international shipping agency, ocean tally, marine bonded oil supply and other shipping support industry to further expand opening up, enhance the basic shipping service level.

Optimizing the System of Water and Land Transportation and Ensuring the Aviation Support Ability

According to the “plan”, by 2020, Shanghai four and above inland waterway mileage will reach 260 km, the proportion of container water transfer to strive for more than 50%, the proportion of railway collection and transportation increased significantly, airports ground transportation support capacity significantly enhanced.

Zhang Lin introduced, Shanghai will continue to promote the Hangzhou-Shanghai line, Daguo line two inland high-grade waterway regulation project, timely start oil pier, the Soviet Union in Hong Kong and other high-grade waterway construction, built ” To promote the standardization of the Yangtze River container transport services and market integration, to promote Jianghai direct research and development of ship-based applications, and actively develop Jianghai transport, Jianghai direct transport.

Shanghai will optimize the connection with the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the optimization of the land-collecting and distribution network. The construction of the Shanghai-Tonghua railway will simultaneously improve the railway and harbor connections. Pudong, Hongqiao two cities in the field of rapid rail transit line construction, improve the airport ground bus layout and rapid distribution channels around to improve the airport and the city center, the Yangtze River Delta regional connectivity efficiency.

In addition, Shanghai will focus on improving air and ground support capabilities of aviation hubs, and actively seek national pilot support in airspace management, air traffic rights distribution, market allocation of resources at all times, promote the application of new air traffic control technology, establish a perfect air traffic control security system; Focusing on solving the Hongqiao International Airport around the airspace optimization and Pudong International Airport West to the flight access issues.

In order to enhance the network coverage and accessibility of aviation hubs, Shanghai will also support the development of international airlines and international and domestic transit routes, and attract domestic and international airlines and aviation alliances to develop in Shanghai; to support domestic and international airlines and integrated logistics Service providers in the airport area to build an international transit center to attract domestic and international business aviation operators and supporting service agencies in Shanghai to carry out business, build Northeast Asia business jet aviation center.

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