Shanghai International Shipping Center into the fast lane

  • Date: Jul 29, 2016
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July 28, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Committee co-participation “to promote the Shanghai international shipping center Ordinance” (the “Regulations”) prepared by the experts held a media briefing.
Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Law Committee, Lord Rending Wei introduced the legislative background of the “Regulations”, the characteristics and main content. According to Ding introduction, the Shanghai International Shipping Center One Direct One local laws and regulations lack comprehensive, relevant job requirements scattered regulations, “Shanghai Port Regulations”, “Shanghai Port Services Ordinance,” “Shanghai Waterway Transport Regulations” and other being. The introduction of the “Regulations” shows in Shanghai already has comprehensive shipping center construction regulations.
Features on the “Regulations”, the “Regulations” is China’s first local regulation One About shipping center construction. There are four characteristics:
Chapter One, “Regulations” One portion is promoting legislation, highlighting the Government’s guidance, support role, we encourage all sectors to participate in Shanghai International Shipping Center.
Second, the “Regulations” One portion is an international shipping center construction framework legislation, covering all the basic elements of a shipping center. Which, according to the provisions of the National Development [2009] No. 19 document, and the actual Shanghai, the aviation hub explicitly included in the scope of an international shipping center.
Third, a large number of powers international shipping center in the center of the “Regulations” aimed at international shipping center in the short board issues, based on the area of ​​local government can be a positive act, focused collection and distribution infrastructure construction, shipping companies and agencies gather , aircraft operators and create environmental and other matters.
Fourth, the “Regulations” based on the current balance between long-term, important work is able to determine the next five years, as far as possible into the “Regulations”; on the long-term work is not clear, as the only principled provisions for future policy formulation legal basis.
“Regulations” forty-six six chapters, the main contents are:
(One) on the overall goal (Article)
Shanghai International Shipping Center is One national strategy, “regulations” to the overall objective of the National Development stage Document No. 19 [2009] predetermined basis, taking into account the long-term development needs, the overall objective of Shanghai International Shipping Center made clear : “the city in accordance with national deployment to promote Shanghai international shipping hub and aviation hub, built in water, air and other types of shipping resources highly concentrated, shipping services functioning, good shipping market environment, efficient modern logistics services, with a global shipping resource allocation capacity, with the national strategy of economic development and an international shipping center. ”
(Ii) on the construction of propulsion mechanism (fourth, fifth)
In order to coordinate the various forces in the city, formed to promote the construction work force, were three levels of “regulations”: One is clearly the main responsibility for the Shanghai Municipal Government in promoting an international shipping center construction work, and called for the establishment of Shanghai mechanisms for cooperation and coordination between ministries and other provinces; the second is a clear establishment of an international shipping center coordinating body of procedure; the third is a clear mechanism for coordination and cooperation with the Shanghai Municipal Government departments county people’s government.
(Iii) support the development of policy on shipping (Article VI, Article 30)
In order to increase the shipping center support efforts to attract all kinds of shipping elements of high concentration Shanghai, clearly established “Regulations” “special funds for the construction of an international shipping center,” focused on shipping hub port to support the construction and promotion of shipping functional agencies gather. At the same time, the establishment of shipping agencies support the establishment and development of the system, clear shipping-related businesses and organizations comply with the conditions identified regional headquarters in Shanghai, the county government may grant funding. Shipping made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Shanghai, county government should be rewarded.
(Iv) innovative measures on maritime areas (13, Article 15, Article 20)
Shanghai set up a free trade area of ​​the test, in order to accelerate the construction of Shanghai international shipping center offers a major opportunity. Shanghai to promote a free trade area as a platform for shipping test system innovation, the “Regulations” provisions were made in three areas: One is to promote the construction of various types of transit facilities, to promote the overall development of transit operations; the second is in accordance with relevant state regulations, the development of coastal incidentally business; Third, in accordance with relevant state regulations, explore the establishment of Shanghai FTA pilot area of ​​international ship registry system.
(V) with respect to the development of the cruise industry (Article 17)
In recent years, Shanghai docked cruise ships and passenger throughput and won the nation’s first straight-One One. September 2012, the National Tourism Administration approved the construction of Shanghai took the lead “Chinese cruise tourism Development Experimental Zone.” One step forward to regulate and promote the development of the cruise industry, “regulations” of the five measures: One is to develop Shanghai cruise industry development planning, clear the appropriate measures to promote and support policies; the second is support for national authorities to speed up the cruise Tourism development experimental zone replicated reform pilot experience and related policy measures Shanghai Free trade test area; third is to develop international standards of cruise tourism service standardization system for ticket sales, contracts signed, terminal services, travel agency services, emergency response and other aspects to regulate; Fourth, to promote the implementation of the cruise port transit visa and immigration policy within a specific period, set up to facilitate two-way entry and exit of duty-free shopping, to promote the cruise ship supply services and facilitation, accelerate the development of cruise related services business; five Cruise is to encourage domestic and foreign companies registered in Shanghai set up business institutions, to carry out the approved international routes cruise business.
(Vi) international aviation hub (Article 24 to Article Twenty-One)
To build Shanghai into comprehensive, global radiation of the major international aviation hub of the route network, freight logistics, general aviation, airport services, made a more comprehensive normative “Regulations.” Among them, the One core element of this route network, makes provision for both the “Regulations”: One is to support the main operating base to build Shanghai as the core, based on the country, radiation global route network hub in Shanghai Airlines; the second is for support for national authorities, airspace structure optimization and adjustment of Shanghai, to enhance airspace capacity hub, a reasonable allocation of traffic rights and the new flight time resources, improve accessibility, connectivity and flight density hub route network.
(Vii) scientific and technological innovation on shipping (Article Thirty-One to Article 36)
Scientific and technological innovation is an integral part of the international shipping center construction. To promote scientific and technological innovation and development of shipping, the “Regulations” identified six aspects: One is to support high-level shipping technology research and development platform, to carry out research through collaborative innovation, improve the technological level of shipping; the second is to arrange funds for the support and Reward shipping equipment key technology, the core technology, significant development of new products; Third, support a variety of technological innovations shipping lead in Shanghai to promote the implementation; 4 is to support and shipping-related e-commerce, high-end equipment manufacturing and other related industries in the development of new ; Fifth, encourage shipping-related enterprises to gradually promote information technology and production, service and management of all aspects of the integration, shipping services to build intelligence system; six is ​​to support shipping related enterprises to strengthen energy-saving environmental protection, promoting green development.
(Viii) on aircraft carriers environment (Article 37 to Article 45)
To advance One further accelerate the transformation of government functions, and actively explore the management model innovation, to provide a good service environment for the Shanghai international shipping center, “Regulations” the main provisions of the following aspects of measures: One is to establish and publish shipping power list and a list of responsible management ; the second is to support national institutions in Shanghai in Shanghai port regulate institutional innovation; Third, the establishment of the Shanghai international shipping center information service platform; Fourth, improve the training and introduction of talents shipping policy; Fifth, improve the legal shipping service system; six is ​​to promote create favorable shipping economy sustained and healthy development of the tax environment; seven is to strengthen the high-risk dangerous goods risk management and control; Eighth increase shipping culture cultivation efforts.
According to Zhang, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission revealed in August, will hold a briefing in Shanghai “Thirteen Five” shipping development plan, in September will also have a meeting on the development of shipping, every month there will be substantially discussion on the construction of Shanghai international shipping center, Shanghai international shipping Center into the fast lane.

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