Supply chain into the logistics industry restructuring direction logistics costs or will be reduced to 5%

  • Date: Sep 14, 2017
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Supply chain management expert Martin Christopher promised 20 years ago that “future competition is not competition between individuals or organizations, but competition among supply chains.”

Now, this prophecy is becoming a reality.

September 9, Wang Xia, director of the Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, said at the China Top 500 Enterprise Summit. “With the rise of China’s economic development and consumption, the circulation has come to the forefront of change.” , China’s logistics industry is in the transformation of the intersection, to explore the new direction of the development of the industry to become a top priority.

Wang Wei said that the global new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is emerging, in this context, the Internet, large data as the representative of the new generation of information technology; high-speed railway, aerospace technology, intelligent transportation as the representative of a new generation of traffic Technology; to new energy as the representative of the energy technology, is changing the global economic operation pattern, to the upgrading of China’s logistics industry has brought a huge space, and the supply chain system construction is the logistics industry to upgrade to the supply chain development stage, and the establishment of From the logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow “four-in-one” development model.

Shenzhen City Yiyatong Supply Chain Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Guohui said that the supply chain integration and upgrading will effectively reduce the cost of circulation, expand market demand. In the traditional consumer goods field, for example, at present China’s brand more than 100,000, not less than 500,000 distributors, dealers not less than 500 million? In the traditional “brand – agent – store – consumer” circulation model, each company has to build their own dealers and distributors system, not only the brand full excess, oversupply, repeated investment is serious, and the links are easy The formation of information barriers. Therefore, only the supply chain change can change the Chinese circulation industry “scattered, chaotic, poor, small” situation.

It is reported that the current global supply chain in the global trade accounted for nearly 80%, including about 12 trillion dollars in intermediate products and services trade. According to a report released by the UK market research firm Markett in February this year, China has leapt to the “global supply chain center”, a new round of supply chain-based elements of resource integration, is in the Chinese cities to start.

In fact, as early as mid August, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “on the supply chain system construction work notice” (hereinafter referred to as “notice”), to Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Zhengzhou , Xi’an and other 17 key cities to carry out the supply chain system.

“Notice” pointed out that the supply chain system construction of the first batch of key cities should actively play the role of radiation around the formation of inter-city linkage interaction situation, improve the regional supply chain standardization, information technology, to promote the level of synergies The The main tasks include: the promotion of logistics standardization, to promote the supply chain upstream and downstream convergence; to the standard tray and its circulation as the main line, focusing on FMCG, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, electricity and other fields, to promote the logistics chain of the unit, Construction and improvement of various supply chain platforms to improve the efficiency of supply chain coordination; platform as the core to improve the supply chain system, enhance supply chain coordination and integration capabilities, innovation and circulation organization, improve the flow of intensive; Supply chain product quality and security capabilities.

At the same time, the “notice” also clearly put forward, with the central service industry to develop special funds to support the supply chain system, mainly based on the market to make up for failure, good basic, public work, play the central financial funds to guide the role of social capital, support The construction of the weak links and key areas in the supply chain system.

In this regard, the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Vice President Ding Junfa said that the supply chain is changing the world, it is deepening the supply side of the structural reform of an important part of the formation of the supply chain will improve the country’s comprehensive competitiveness, Optimization and product structure adjustment, promote the industry from extensive management to intensive management changes, and promote industrial upgrading.

It is understood that the supply chain refers to the production and circulation process involves the products and services to the end users of the upstream and downstream enterprises formed by the network chain structure; and supply chain management refers to the use of computer network technology, comprehensive planning supply chain Business flow, logistics, information flow, capital flow, etc., and planning, organization, coordination and control.

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