Taicang port and Malaysia Port Klang sororize port

  • Date: Dec 04, 2015
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Taicang port and Port Klang, Malaysia recently in Taicang Port Management Committee signed documents officially concluded as sister harbor, the two sides will in route, logistics, information, personnel and other areas of cooperation, common services for the construction of “21st century Silk Road on the sea”.
Port Klang in the Malacca Strait, is Malaysia’s largest port, also known as the international transfer port. 600 years ago, the great navigator Zheng He’s seven voyages to the western seas had five dock of Malacca, is an important node of the ancient Silk Road on the sea. Today, Port Klang occupies an important position in China’s twenty-first Century “maritime Silk Road” strategy.
In recent years, Taicang Port initiative into the country along the road “and the strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt, has been basically completed the globel direct distribution center, domestic transport hub, ocean transit base, Southeast Asia routes also entered a substantive preparatory stage. The Port Klang to seek cooperation with Taicang port, it is seen to have Jianghai transshipment hub of Taicang port will become the Yangtze River Economic Belt linking maritime the silk road is an important strategic nodes and can improve the Port Klang on China’s Yangtze River, the influence of radiation, the birth of new opportunities for development.
The conclusion of the two port of Malaysia port is an important step in the construction of China’s “Silk Road” in twenty-first Century. It also marks the essence of the strategic development of Taicang port to Southeast Asia.

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