The international shipping center has become the interconnection node, and the trade war can not change this trend

  • Date: May 03, 2018
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In April 20, 2018, it was held by the Shanghai social Federation, the Shanghai International Shipping Research Center and the Shanghai Productivity Association, the sixteenth (2018) academic annual conference of the Shanghai Association of productivity (2018) – “the development of the international shipping center for the new era”, and dozens of experts and practical guests attended the seminar.

Shanghai international shipping center has made remarkable achievements, but there is still a gap between the shipping service industry and the international advanced level.

Zhang Lin, deputy director of Shanghai Traffic Commission, introduced the construction of Shanghai international shipping center. He pointed out that the achievements of the construction of Shanghai international shipping center are obvious to all. After forty years, Shanghai port has become the largest port from bulk cargo. Yangshan Deepwater Port last year became the largest automatic dock in the world, and there are only two in the world. In terms of aviation, Shanghai surpassed Tokyo last year, ranking fourth in the world. In terms of the soft environment for the construction of international shipping centers, there is still a gap between Shanghai and Singapore and Hongkong, which is also the goal and direction of Shanghai’s efforts in the next three years.

Professor Yu Shicheng, director of the Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, believes that the current construction of Shanghai international shipping center needs to pay attention to the speed, that is, box volume, wharf, fleet and other indicators to pay attention to efficiency, to improve the quality and increase efficiency as the main direction of attack. To further improve the hardware construction of shipping center, we should make up the short board, that is, improve the business environment.

Zhang Shouguo, standing vice president of the China shipowner Association, said that the government has taken many measures to promote the construction of the Shanghai international shipping center, as well as a lot of investment, such as the three year action plan of Shanghai, but the ability of Shanghai in the real shipping or shipping service industry is still not strong. This is reflected in the discrepancy of our power of discourse, including the formulation of norms, the advocacy of conventions and the number of headquarters in Shanghai.

To build the Shanghai international shipping center, we must make full use of the brand of “Shanghai service”.

Deputy director Zhang Lin pointed out that the overall train of thought for the construction of the Shanghai international shipping center in the next three years is unswervingly consistent with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and continued to use the construction of the free trade zone to further expand its opening. To this end, Shanghai will continue to promote infrastructure construction in the next three years, including vigorously promoting the construction of green ports; two is the standard of Singapore and Hongkong, upgrading Shanghai’s shipping service level and level; three is to promote the improvement of business environment, including administrative examination and approval reform, a network construction and so on. In addition, Shanghai will also encourage innovation in port technology and other areas, and use Internet technology to develop shipping services.

Professor Zhang Jieshu, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, believes that the construction of shipping services needs policy support and related business gathering. The construction of shipping services is also related to local historical, humanistic and political factors. In China, the port has a very important strategic position. The development of shipping center must lay a solid foundation, and the development of the port can not be relaxed. We should correctly understand the relationship between the development of shipping industry and the role of the government. The construction of shipping center should play a market role, but the government can make advanced planning and guidance in this regard. The government’s supervision should be more fair and transparent, and more information-based cross sector supervision should be implemented to further optimize the business environment of the shipping industry.

Trade protectionism can not stop the trend of economic globalization, and the construction of shipping center will play an important role in the global economic and trade network.

The deputy director of the port and port administration of Dalian believes that the rise of the protectionism of the Trump administration in the United States has an impact on bilateral and transnational international trade to a certain extent. But the global layout of productivity factors, the global industrial chain and supply chain layout of multinational corporations have been formed and irreversible. Global economic integration has also become an irreversible trend. In this development process, the shipping industry plays an irreplaceable role. Shipping center has become a hub of interconnection and has become the key node and service center of the global economic and trade network.

Professor Luo Meifeng of Hong Kong Polytech University believes that there are many uncertainties or adverse factors in the international trade pattern, which makes the trend of shipping demand less optimistic. After Trump took office, trade protectionism was on the rise, and the momentum of international trade and free trade has shrunk. And put forward the “China Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, to further expand opening up, this is the 2 version of the world economy, can make China economic development in transition from a manufacturing country for consumption. The government can strongly support technological innovation, R & D and application, and promote the competitiveness of shipping companies through the promotion of powerful shipping companies to the world. We should study the talent structure in the new era and strengthen the training of maritime talents.

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