The rural electric heating logistics “short board” how to fill?

  • Date: Mar 07, 2016
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The rural electricity supplier as rural consumption and consumption of network integration market, rising. Experts pointed out that the rapid development of rural electricity supplier, but in many areas still face logistics short board.
The national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and Alibaba has recently reached with returning pioneering pilot the development of rural electricity providers strategic cooperation agreement: the next three years, the two sides will work together to support more than 300 pilot county (city, district) combined with home business pilot the development of rural electricity providers. Prior to this, the State Council Leading Group for poverty alleviation and development and Jingdong Group signed the electricity supplier of precision poverty alleviation strategic cooperation framework agreement “, the two sides will in more than 830 poverty county choice 200 County as a business poverty demonstration county.
There are institutions that, in the traditional rural channel system, whether industrial or agricultural products to the countryside into the city there are many pain points. The involvement of the electricity supplier can reshape the supply chain system, shorten the circulation, open information barriers and provide a better shopping experience for rural and urban consumers.
The rural electricity supplier in the release of the rural consumption potential, open trillion in emerging markets has an increasingly important role. In 2014, the rural electricity supplier market size of 180 billion yuan, Ali Research Institute predicted the market size is expected to reach 460 billion yuan in 2016.
In the government and business together to promote the rural electricity supplier, gradually usher in rapid development period. However, the current domestic rural business still “pain lingering”, due to the different rural providers scene, starting from a low base, with local condition difference, the difficulty is relatively large.
Compared with the mature market, widely exist in the current rural electricity market of the “last mile” problem of restricting the development of logistics industry. The State Post Bureau statistics show that in 2015 the domestic express network coverage of the township was 48%, and nearly half of the township through courier. The State Post Bureau announced, will ensure that by the end of 2016 the township of express service point coverage rate reached 80%.
And for some private logistics enterprises and rural express distribution costs are too high, for profit considerations most of the logistics and courier companies do not want to set foot in the town courier network construction. On the other hand, the rural logistics to receive agricultural products, some seasonal fresh products and logistics distribution tend to have higher requirements.
“The current business focus gradually to rural areas, but also the construction of rural electricity providers actually hidden traps, one of which is a two-way logistics trap.” Business School COO Li Zhiyin said that the business model and architecture of the rural electricity supplier platform is very complex, in addition to link services for farmers to businesses, but also grafted farmers, two-way logistics distribution can not be ignored.
In the view of Changjiang Securities retail industry analyst Li Jin, rural electricity providers fight either, the line outlets “landing king”. Rural electric distribution terminal from the densely populated urban extension to the population scattered villages, the electric business face “Changwu flow chain + low consumption density” dilemma.
China electronic commerce research center Yao Jianfang, an analyst believes that currently the rural electricity supplier development to a large extent limited in rural logistics, logistics infrastructure in rural area, fewer outlets, resulting in express to the countryside to well implement. “Last mile” problem is particularly obvious, still need to users through a long distance from mentioning, which severely restricted the enthusiasm of rural online shopping.
“Accelerate the construction of rural logistics and express infrastructure, accelerate the layout of rural express outlets, expand service coverage, improve distribution efficiency, is the current major business enterprises and express urgent need to do the work.” Yao Jianfang said.
Efficient and convenient logistics guarantee is the necessary condition for the development of rural electricity suppliers. In order to make up for the current rural logistics short board, some commercial enterprises are set up to force County Township two line operating system. Ali plans in 3 – 5 years established 1000 county-level operations center and 10 million village service station; Jingdong plans at the end of this year the Jingdong Logistics cover 40 million 45 million village; Suning will be established in the future 10000 Suning Tesco service station, covering the whole country more than 1 / 4 of the township, to get through the barriers to rural business development from the construction level of the channel.
Lee Kum believes that the county and township levels of operating system favorable for business enterprise in-depth rural market, to county operations center formed goods dial node, to village service station as supporting grassroots logistics network, guide villagers network consumption, provide the key node in the village one-stop service.

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