The State Council urged the push transport and logistics integration and development of logistics and reduce costs

  • Date: Jul 07, 2016
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Cover News Beijing July 7 (Reporter Xu Wen) State Council recently forwarded the National Development and Reform Commission “to create a favorable market environment to promote the integration of transport and logistics development plan”, to promote the deployment of transport and logistics integration and development to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of integrated transport and logistics, reduce logistics costs society as a whole. “Program” that, by 2018, the initial formation of open sharing of transport and logistics system, the whole logistics costs to GDP ratio compared with 2015 reduced by 1 percentage point or more; 2020, built facilities integrated coordination and information interoperability, market fair, orderly, safe and efficient development of new transport and logistics system, the whole logistics costs to GDP ratio reduced by 2 percentage points compared with 2015.

China Communications and Transportation Association executive vice president Wang Derong that the “plan” is the first time on behalf of the State Council promulgated the development of transport and logistics integration files will also guide the future development of transport and logistics integration programmatic document. “Program” in the scientific evaluation of transportation, logistics integration and development, based on departure from an international perspective and strategic thinking focus on “a single system” convenient transportation system as the goal, highlighting the comprehensive transportation and logistics integration of joint cross-border development concept, that “the whole chain”, “big platform”, “new model” of the three major tasks, specifically the construction of transport and logistics systems integration policy support the development of new “big five”, reflects the forward-looking, systematic, interoperability and operational characteristics , the right time.

One of the five policy support: improving transportation logistics network

“Plan” put forward in the construction of the north-south coastal channel, Channel Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao passage, shut out of the northeast passage, passage southwest to south China, northwest northern channel, the channel bridge, along the channel, the Shanghai-Kunming channel and international channels in six directions, the through outreach to achieve. At the same time, optimizing the integrated transport hub and logistics node space layout, building integrated transport logistics hub system. Accelerate the implementation of the railway introduced an important port, highway cargo terminals and logistics parks and other projects by 2018, about 80% of the nation’s major ports and large-scale logistics park on Railway. At the same time, to accelerate the hub surrounding the outer loop road construction, as part of the railway freight hub outer winding, focusing on urban beltway highway construction, as well as take advantage of key roads in urban, sub-time, sub-sections of the implementation of urban logistics, reduce cargo handling, transport and down load times.

Wang Derong said that to achieve material from the “door to door” flow, often need to complete a variety of modes of transport, improve the collection and distribution hub system, open up the hub, “the first one kilometers” and “last kilometer” to promote the hub periphery ” outer loop “road construction and admission into the plant” microcirculation “building, can give full play to the railway energy saving, emission reduction and low cost advantages.

II: Construction of new transport and logistics system

“Plan” clearly, to develop multimodal transport, multimodal transport cargo container to build a pilot to strengthen multimodal transport services is the path to full implementation of the logistics, “a single system,” as the starting point for the integration of services for the protection of the whole chain of transport and logistics system. By 2018, the proportion of steady improvement in intermodal container transport molten iron average annual growth of more than 10%, railway container loading ratio increased to more than 10%; to 2020, average annual growth of container transport molten iron more than 10%, rail containers loading ratio increased to 15% or more.

“Program” also proposed to improve transport policies and bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms to promote international transport facilitation, encourage cross-border transport services. Construction of international transport facilitation networks, the construction of overseas assembly points, to create Central Europe, Central Asia and trains international logistics brand, improve customs clearance efficiency and operation of the market level. Encourage the development of cross-border electricity supplier courier companies courier business, building an international distribution center, warehouse overseas, to speed up logistics bases overseas.

Three: transport and logistics integration and development

Wang Derong said that with the Internet, big data, cloud computing, 3D printing and other new technology continues to accelerate industrialization, transport and logistics and cross-border development of the rapid rise of information technology.

“Program” to support the orderly construction of social capital and professional management platform, the platform to encourage enterprises to expand social services, financial support logistics services; services “along the way” strategy-oriented, promote cross-border trade and transport and logistics platform integration adapter.

“Program” also proposed to create information sharing service platform. Relying on relevant national public information platform, according to the National data open requirements in order to build “a single system” convenient transportation system as the goal, integration of industry and enterprise information platform, “a single code, the electronic certification, green navigate”; docking socialization platform, guide them with their own reality of cargo units endowed with convenient transportation, to promote “internet + transport + logistics” fusion development.

IV: innovation and development of new models

“Plan” put forward in 2020, the initial realization of supply chain and value chain as the core industry cluster development, the formation of a number of highly competitive transport and logistics enterprise development goals. “Transportation and logistics services are provided by the common transport enterprises and logistics enterprises, to accelerate the innovation and development of two industrial enterprises is its integration to develop and improve service efficiency and effectiveness of the core issues.” Wang Derong said.

“Plan” put forward to build the Central Europe, Central Asia and trains international logistics enterprises brand; to support the development of cross-border electricity supplier courier companies courier business, building an international distribution centers, warehouses and other overseas; foster a number of containers, trays and other international enterprises, international cooperation capacity to provide supporting security services. Wang Derong analysis, which will speed up China’s transportation and logistics companies, “going out” pace.

Five: the depth of integration of transport and logistics and manufacturing

Wang Derong said that the modernization of technical equipment is leading the transformation of transportation and logistics services to upgrade the engine. “Programme” from the cargo conveyance, carriage unit, installed facilities, special facilities and equipment as well as innovative technology five dimensions, speed up the modernization of transport and logistics technology and equipment, emphasizing innovation capacity extends to higher production, research and development and to promote the integration product form development. Based on the development of the Internet of Things intelligent logistics equipment and technology, accelerate intermodal equipment, intelligent logistics and storage systems to high-end, intelligent, green, service orientation construction, realize the depth of transportation and logistics and industrial integration.

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