The world’s top five container ship fleet ranking released

  • Date: Dec 08, 2016
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A new round of consolidation of M & A industry to the current global container shipping market, a new pattern, the greater the trend of Hengda more and more obvious. According to VesselsValue latest data, the world’s top five container ship fleet total value of up to $ 33,400,000,000, accounting for the size of the global container ship fleet of 33%.

In accordance with the value of the fleet, the top five container ship fleet ranking Maersk shipping / Hamburg, South America, COSCO Shipping Group, CMA CGM Vessel / US President ship, Hapag-Lloyd / Arabian ship / South American ship and merchant Mitsui / Japan Cruise / Kawasaki Steamboat .

1, Maersk Line / Hamburg South America: 319 ships of $ 9.9 billion

Maersk Group and Hamburg South America after the merger has 319 container ships, the total value of $ 9.9 billion, accounting for the global container fleet share of 9.7%, ranking first.

Maersk Line has confirmed that it will acquire German Cargo Hamburg, South America. Maersk Line will spend $ 4 billion to buy Hamburg in South America, while Hamburg’s South American fleet is worth $ 1.5 billion. The final agreement is subject to regulatory approval before it can take effect, and the transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

Considering the strong position of Hamburg South America in the North-South trade market, the completion of the acquisition will complement Maersk Line’s existing business. After Hamburg’s South American capacity joins the 2M alliance, the alliance’s market capacity will account for 15% of the world.

2, COSCO Shipping Group: 190 7 billion US dollars

COSCO Shipping Group ranked second in the fleet, with 190 container ships, the total value of 7 billion US dollars, accounting for the global container fleet share of 6.9%.

In December 2015, China approved the merger of COSCO and China Shipping, the formation of COSCO Shipping Group, merged to create a more powerful state-owned shipping companies, have a stronger competitive advantage, and to avoid the two companies compete with each other.

COSCO Group’s orders for new vessels are huge. Currently, COSCO Group holds 29 super-large container vessels and 4 super-Panamax container ships. Its container ship fleet worth 17.6 billion US dollars, accounting for about 17% of the global market share.

3, the CMA CGM / US President ship: 150 6 billion US dollars

Cumulative ship and the US President ship after the merger has 150 container ships, the total value of 6 billion US dollars, accounting for the global container fleet share of 6.0%.

French shipping giants CMA CGM completed the largest M & A in container shipping history this year, acquiring the Singapore Orient Orient Group, including its US-branded US Presidential Steamship. According to sources, the US President’s ship will join the Ocean Alliance, where the CMA CGM holds 14% of the global container shipping capacity, second only to the 2M alliance. The acquisition will make the alliance fleet total capacity in the industry third.

4, Hapag-Lloyd / Arab ship / South American ships: 123 5.4 billion US dollars

Hapag-Lloyd, Arabian and South American ships combined with 123 container ships, the total value of 5.4 billion US dollars, accounting for the global container fleet share of 5.3%.

Hapag-Lloyd earlier this year completed a merger with the South American steamship project, and in July to continue to seek a merger with the Arabian ship. After the completion of the merger, the average age of the Hapag-Lloyd fleet decreased from 8.7 years to 7.8 years. Hapag-Lloyd will become the world’s fourth largest shipping company after acquiring the Arabian steamer, after the two companies were ranked tenth and eighth in the world.

5, the merchant shipping Mitsui / Japan Boat / Kawasaki Steamboat: 129 ships 5.1 billion

Mitsui, Japan, Kawasaki Vessel has 129 container ships after the integration of the total value of 5.1 billion US dollars, accounting for 5.2% of the global container fleet.

Recently, the three major shipping companies in Japan Mitsui, Nippon Yusen and Kawasaki Steamboat announced the consolidation of Cargo business. The three Japanese shipping companies are expected to complete their consolidation operations in 2018.

Japan’s largest fleet of the value of the shipping company for the rule of this shipbuilding group Zhengrong Steamship, the fleet value of 3 billion US dollars, ranking eighth. In contrast, Japan does not have any value-added fleet of assets into the world’s top ten container fleet. After the consolidation of the three shipping companies in the consolidation business, the combined entity fleet of assets will be ranked fifth in the world, with a total value of 5.1 billion US dollars, more than Zhengrong steamers to become Japan’s largest container fleet.

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