“Thirteen Five” logistics focused on six strategic priorities

  • Date: Aug 02, 2016
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The Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing president ROCKETS recently held in Shanghai, “2016 China Logistics supply-side reform Forum,” said the current China’s logistics industry is facing new situations and challenges, the development of “Thirteen Five” period of the logistics industry We will focus on efficient communication, intelligence, collaboration, coordination and reform and other six strategic priorities.

He Liming said, by the large environmental impact, China’s logistics industry is facing a shortage of demand structural contradictions, on the one hand a large number of the stock of resources in the field of conventional precipitation logistics industry can not quit, can not meet the needs of producers and consumers of high-end services; other On the one hand, the incremental resource constrained inadequate investment and institutional mechanisms, it is difficult to create new demand. Thus, the current supply-side structural contradiction is the main contradiction facing the logistics industry.

ROCKETS believes that strengthening the logistics supply-side reforms should focus on improving the efficiency of resource allocation, increase effective supply logistics, improve logistics operation quality and efficiency.

This year, the authorities have issued a series of policies and measures to promote it clear that the logistics supply-side reform will help improve total factor productivity, promote economic restructuring and upgrading. In ROCKETS opinion, the development of “Thirteen Five” period will focus on efficient logistics, communication, intelligence, collaboration, coordination and reform and other six strategic priorities: First, the positive development of the Internet + efficient logistics; the second is the whole chain integrally Promotion logistics network interconnection; Third, new technologies, new models support the new wisdom of logistics innovation, support business research and innovation, the promotion of logistics and double hit combination; fourth is to create a new model of logistics collaboration alliance; Fifth overall regional international coordinated development of domestic logistics; Sixth, to deepen the logistics management system.

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