Three shipping alliance sailing: the five major Chinese ports linked to the highest frequency!

  • Date: Apr 05, 2017
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April 1, the original four shipping alliance officially became the three major shipping alliance pattern (2M + HMM, Ocean Aliance, THE Alliance). Among them, Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping and Hyundai Merchants signed a three-year cooperation agreement. France to fly the ship, Taiwan Evergreen Marine and Hong Kong Oriental Overseas and China Ocean Shipping Group formed Ocean Alliance. The THE Alliance consists of Herbert, Yangming Shipping and the Japanese Mail, Merchant Mitsui and Kawasaki Steamship.

According to the Drewry analysis, according to the number of ports held by the three major ports each year, the five major ports in China are the highest frequency, namely, Shanghai (58), Ningbo (54), Yantian Port (42), Hong Kong 26 times), Qingdao port (25 times). In the Asian port, there are Singapore ports (35), Busan port (32 times) to achieve a higher frequency of anchors.

In the European ports, the busiest ports are Rotterdam (21), Antwerp (19), Le Havre (13), Bremen (13), Hamburg (13), Nanan Portton (10), Port of Valencia (10), Port of Barcelona (8), Genoa (8), Laspece (7); Norfolk in North America Port of Porto Savannah and Port Charleston will be the busiest ports in the South Atlantic, New York’s New Jersey Port will be the busiest port in North Atlantic.

It is not difficult to see that in the battle of the three major alliances, some ports have natural advantages, such as ports with liner companies, or important regional transit ports. At the same time, there are some ports gradually losing their advantages. Ranked 12th of the world’s container port Klang Hong Kong, the prospects will not be optimistic. The reason is that its main customers, namely the French liner company CMA CGM and the Arabian ship, joined the new shipping alliance. In order to expand the trans-Pacific route market, it is likely that its capacity will be transferred from the Westport to the Singapore port.

Shipping companies for the choice of the terminal, one is to consider the port infrastructure, but also consider the rapid evacuation of large quantities of container to the hinterland of the transit capacity; two need to pay attention to the company’s own investment and rental of the terminal will be the preferred choice The So COSCO Maritime, Maersk, etc., or the cooperation of the terminal has a natural advantage.

“Wolf” really come, then the port needs how to deal with it?

The challenge

1. Port dominant position reversed. Prior to the major hub of the port by virtue of geographical and natural monopoly advantage in the negotiations with the liner company in a dominant position, with strong voice. But the formation of the three major league, making the liner company in the negotiations with the terminal will be in a strong position.

2. Port competition is more intense. Port survival and development rely on liner company support, the competition between the ports is very intense, have introduced preferential measures to attract liner companies anchored.

3. Port future development is constrained. Container port development is susceptible to siphon effects. A strong port, it will restrict the development of adjacent ports. After the formation of the three major alliance, once the evacuation of a port will determine the port will be a fatal blow. In order to fight for anchors, making the port on the operating rate of bargaining space significantly reduced, affecting the port long-term development.

How to deal with

1. For the port, to understand the situation and clear positioning is very important, should effectively use the existing conditions, re-positioning and planning, reasonable adjustment of the port industry, so as to promote the optimal allocation of resources, and continuously improve the quality of port services, The road to competition.

2. The formation of alliance between the port cooperation, from competition to competition. Because under the ship company alliance, the port alone has been difficult to cope with its challenges. If the port can form a coalition, will effectively enhance the right to speak, to maintain market share.

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