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  • Date: May 25, 2016
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Last week, the CCFI Ningbo Ningbo Shipping Exchange, the Maritime Silk Route index closed at 471.4 points, down 5.9% from the previous week. 21 route index rose 5 routes, 16 routes fell. “Marine Silk Road” along the major ports in the region, three port tariffs rose, 17 fell port tariffs.

Key route index as follows:

Euro-Line: Although the beginning of each freight shipping companies promote rose sharply, European ground freight and negative for several months in the doldrums the norm, out of the wave continued hot market. But with the continuing low status of the loading rate, shipping companies compete on routes to Europe and increasingly fierce, various shipping companies were down last week to European freight routes, to grab market share and strive for a higher loading rate. Among them, the Mediterranean route shipping companies suspended under reduced cabin regulatory policy, tariffs fell more gentle. European routes index was 406.6 points, down 15.3% from the previous week; the East route index was 543.5 points, down 5.9% from the previous week; route to the West for the index 607.4 points, down 6.4% from the previous week.

North American routes: With the trade in exports to North America gradually improved, more stable market demand for transportation. North American freight routes due to the implementation of the system is about, in terms of stability tariffs much higher than other routes. Last week, the North American airline market situation is relatively stable, but market-based early tariff hike is not solid, stable freight rates fell slightly. America West airline index was 521.1 points, down 2.9 percent from the previous week; US East Coast route index was 616.3 points, down 3.3 percent from the previous week.

Middle East routes: As the month market volume continued to decline, shipping companies at the beginning of last week was forced to cancel the launch of the price policy, and actively adjust the tariffs to meet the market. Middle East airline index was 307.3 points, down 22.7% from the previous week.

Black Sea service market volatility this week: Last week, the Black Sea route freight traffic fell sharply, the shipping companies in the Black Sea route loading rate is generally not high. Forced Air Market factors to lower tariffs, freight rates fell significantly last week, the Black Sea route. Black Sea route index was 527.4 points, down 9.0% from the previous week.

Changes in major ports along the Silk Road on the sea freight index areas as follows:

ASEAN: Last week Total freight index rose a port, 5 port tariffs fell. Among them, the Ningbo (China) – Singapore (Singapore) freight index fell 36.9%; Ningbo (China) – Klang (Malaysia) index rose 1.0%; Ningbo (China) – Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) freight index fell 18.0 %; Ningbo (China) – Bangkok (Thailand) freight index fell 7.5%; Ningbo (China) – Laem Chabang (Thailand) freight index fell 6.0%; Ningbo (China) – Manila (Philippines) freight index the chain fell 23.7%.

Europe: last week, a total of three port tariffs fell. Among them, the Ningbo (China) – Hamburg (Germany) freight index fell 16.0%; Ningbo (China) – Rotterdam (Netherlands) freight index fell 14.7%; Ningbo (China) – Kangsitansa (Romania) Freight Index the chain fell 10.4%.

South Asia: Last week, a total of two port tariffs rose. Among them, the Ningbo (China) – that Waxi Wa (India) freight index rose 3.6%; Ningbo (China) – Pipawawo (India) freight index rose 1.6%.

West Asia: Last week, a total of five port tariffs fell. Among them, the Ningbo (China) – Istanbul (Turkey) freight index fell 4.0%; Ningbo (China) – Aqaba (Jordan) freight index fell 11.5%; Ningbo (China) – Jetta (Saudi Arabia) tariffs index fell 14.3%; Ningbo (China) – Dammam (Saudi Arabia) freight index fell 22.9%; Ningbo (China) – Dubai (United Arab Emirates) freight index fell 22.6%.

North Africa: Ningbo (China) – Sokona (Egypt) freight index fell 11.5%.

Northeast Asia: Last week, a total of three port tariffs fell. Among them, the Ningbo (China) – Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) freight index fell 12.4%; Ningbo (China) – Odessa (Ukraine) freight index fell 7.8%; Ningbo (China) – Novosibirsk (Russia ) freight index fell 6.7%.

Source: Ocean Harbor

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