Transportation: Cargo welcome window to enhance the rate considerable price

  • Date: Aug 14, 2016
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This week, the dry bulk freight transport market as a whole continued to fall, and then one aspect of Australia, Brazil in mineral weak demand, another Marine One aspect of lower oil prices, capacity return to the market, supply and demand is difficult to improve. Ultimately, BDI index was at 656 points, down 8.6% from last week.
Yangtze River views: the current into the upstream node starts slowed by a busy first half of the expected domestic economic growth was essentially sustained by investment stimulus efforts will not be too strong, it is expected to usher in short-term freight stagflation.
This week, the market in the years Cargo season, the steady growth of demand, space utilization to remain high, Ship suppliers to raise prices in early enthusiasm high, causing freight rates rose across the European ground rises more than 50%. Ultimately, the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) reported 745 points, up 18.6% from last week.
Yangtze views: devaluation and freight coming season to make container transport market ushered in the window of great price, the third quarter is expected to enhance the rate of Europe and mainline freight considerable.
A typical ship market changes as follows: VLCC crude oil tankers TCE closed at $ 19,424 / day, last week fell 19.6%, Suezmax crude oil tanker TCE to close at $ 8,465 / day, last week fell 38.7%, Aframax crude oil tankers TCE closed at $ 13,033 / day, last week fell 8.5%, MR type product tankers TCE closed at $ 11,728 / day, last week rose 0.4%.
Yangtze views: Tanker entering the season 2-3 quarter point, weaker than expected US economic data also led to delay raising interest rates and oil prices pressure, short-term impact on shipping.
This week, the coastal bulk shipping market to maintain the rally: was affected by hot weather and supply-side reforms, demand for coal continues to increase, the higher the downstream procurement enthusiasm, and because the pressure port in northern phenomenon persists, insufficient supply capacity, resulting in tariffs higher. Eventually, the (bulk) freight index closed at 993 points, up 2.4% from last week.
Yangtze view: Although El Niño led to better water runoff situation, crowding out demand for thermal power, but in the short-term bullish coal premise coastal freight continued to repair.
Source: Beijing Securities Network

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