Xi Jinping published a 2019 New Year message: We are all working hard, we are all dreamers

  • Date: Jan 03, 2019
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Comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen:

Hello everyone! “The years are not living, the season is like a flow.” 2019 is coming soon, I am in Beijing to present a beautiful blessing to the New Year!

In 2018 we lived very well and walked very firmly. This year, we have overcome various risk challenges, promoted high-quality economic development, accelerated the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and kept the economy running in a reasonable range. The blue sky, clear water and pure land defense wars have been smoothly promoted, and the people’s livelihood undertakings have accelerated and the people’s lives have continued to improve. National strategies such as the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan Districts have been implemented steadily. When I was inspecting all over the country, I was delighted to see that the banks of the Yangtze River were full of greenery, the construction of the Sanjiang 10,000-acre land, the waves of rice, the Qianhai of Shenzhen, the vitality of Shanghai, the vitality of Shanghai Zhangjiang, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the three places… It is the people of all ethnic groups in the country who have raised their sleeves and are spelled out by the struggles of the new era.

This year, China’s manufacturing, China’s creation, and China’s construction together have continued to change the face of China. The No. 4 detector was successfully launched, the second aircraft carrier went to sea for trial flight, and the domestic large-scale amphibious aircraft made the first flight on the water. Beidou navigation took a solid step toward the global networking. Here, I would like to pay tribute to every scientist, every engineer, every “big country craftsman”, every builder and participant!

This year, there was a lot of good news from poverty alleviation. In addition, 125 poverty-stricken counties across the country have passed the inspection and poverty alleviation, and 10 million rural poor have been lifted out of poverty. 17 kinds of anticancer drugs have been reduced in price and included in the medical insurance catalogue, and the problem of poverty caused by disease is being further solved. I often care about the comrades who fought in the front line of poverty alleviation. More than 2.8 million resident cadres and first secretary, the work is very committed and very powerful, and we must take care of our bodies.

I always remember the people in difficulty. In Sanhe Village, Liangshan, Sichuan, I visited the Yi villagers, Ji Hao, and the Russian Amu family. In Sanchaoxi Village, Jinan, Shandong, I sat together with Zhao Shun’s family. In the Donghuayuan community in Fushun, Liaoning, I went to Chen Yufang’s home to understand the situation of relocation and resettlement. In Lianyi Village, Qingyuan, Guangdong, I talked with poor households Lu Yi and talk about poverty alleviation. Their sincere and simple face has come to my mind. On the occasion of the New Year, I wish the folks’ lives are booming and more and more prosperous.

This year, we solemnly celebrated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, carried out systematic, holistic and reconstructive reforms of the party and state institutions, launched more than 100 important reforms, held the first China International Import Expo, and started the construction of Hainan Freedom. Trade test area. The world has seen the acceleration of China’s reform and opening up and saw China’s determination to carry out reform and opening up to the end. The pace of our reform will not stagnate, and the open door will only grow bigger and bigger.

I noticed that this year, most of the first batch of college students after the resumption of the college entrance examination have retired, and they entered the college campus after a large number of “00”. More than 100 million non-resident populations have settled in cities, 13 million people have found jobs in cities and towns, and 5.8 million housing units have been set up to solve shantytown problems. The new citizens have a warm home. Many Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents got a residence permit and Hong Kong entered the national high-speed rail network. A mobile China is full of vitality for prosperity and development. We are all working hard, we are all dream catchers.

At this moment, I have to mention some shiny names. This year, there was a “Nanren East Star” in the sky. There were more comrades Lin Junde and Zhang Chao in the military image of the whole army. We must remember Comrade Wang Jicai, who has been defending the island for 32 years, Huang Qun, Song Yuecai, Comrade Jiang Kaibin, and other heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country for the protection of the experimental platform. They are the cutest people in the new era and will always be worth remembering and learning.

This year, many new and old friends came to China. We hosted the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Meeting, the Shanghai Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, and other home-based diplomatic activities, and put forward the Chinese proposition and issued a Chinese voice. My colleagues and I visited five continents, participated in many important diplomatic activities, and had extensive exchanges with leaders of various countries, consolidated friendship, enhanced trust, and expanded our circle of friends.

In 2019, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. 70 years of thorns and thorns, 70 years of wind and rain. The people are the solid foundation of the Republic, and the people are the greatest strength of our rule. Along the way, the Chinese people have become self-reliant and hard-working, creating a Chinese miracle that has attracted worldwide attention. On the new journey, no matter whether the clouds fly or the wind blows, we must rely on the people, adhere to self-reliance and hard work, and with firm rock-solid confidence, striving for the future, and perseverance, step by step. The great cause of the ancients has been pushed forward.

In 2019, there are opportunities and challenges. Everyone has to work hard together and struggle together. The tax reduction and fee reduction policy measures should take root and let the enterprises go light. We must respect all kinds of talents in good faith and fully inspire them to innovate and create vitality. We must listen to the voices of grassroots cadres and let the cadres who dare to act as enthusiasm have enthusiasm and rush. The task of poverty alleviation for more than 10 million poor people in rural areas should be completed on schedule, and they must be determined to work hard. To care for veterans, they have contributed to the protection of the country. At this time, courier brothers, sanitation workers, taxi drivers and thousands of workers are still working hard. We want to thank the creators and guardians of these wonderful lives. Everyone has worked hard.

Looking at the world, we are facing a big change in the past 100 years. No matter how the international situation changes, China’s confidence and determination to safeguard national sovereignty and security will not change. China’s sincerity and goodwill to maintain world peace and promote common development will not change. We will actively promote the “One Belt and One Road” and continue to promote the building of a community of human destiny and make unremitting efforts to build a more prosperous and beautiful world.

The New Year’s bell is about to ring, let us embrace the 2019 with confidence and expectation.

Bless China! Bless the world!

thank you all!

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