Maersk Line Announces Acquisition of Hamburg South America , Leading position is stable without sorrow

  • Date: Dec 02, 2016
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Just a week after the news came out of the market, on Dec. 1, Maersk Line announced an agreement with Germany’s Autodesk Group to reach an agreement on the acquisition of its South American company Hamburg. Can be described as lightning speed.

According to Alphaliner data, as of December 1, Maersk Line existing capacity of 325.81 million TEU, market share of 15.7%, ranking the world’s first; Hamburg South America’s existing capacity of 602,900 TEU, 2.9% market share, ranking the world Article 7. If the two sides finally reach an agreement and get the relevant regulatory approval, the current holding capacity of the two sides will be combined to more than 3.8 million TEU, more than second place Mediterranean shipping about 100 million TEU, Maersk shipping liner status can be described as solid and worry-free.


Maersk shipping: 10 years and then the next city

Recalling Maersk shipping had a large-scale M & A events, or in 2005 the acquisition of iron ore slag acquisition.

On September 22 this year, the Maersk Group announced the reorganization of its business into two separate segments: the shipping and logistics segments and the energy sector. Maersk Line is part of Maersk Line Logistics. Maersk Group in the spin-off business at the same time, the strategy of the business unit also make corresponding adjustments, of which Maersk Line is mainly through market share organic growth and acquisition to achieve development. “The Maersk Group is poised to capitalize on its strong position in the financial sector – about $ 12 billion in reserves to buy potential competitors,” said Mike Rasmussen, chairman of the Maersk Group board of directors.

“The acquisition of Hamburg South America in line with Maersk Line’s growth strategy will bring volume growth for Maersk Line and Maersk Terminals,” said Maersk Group and Maersk Line’s chief executive officer. Business is a good supplement, especially in the north-south route. Maersk shipping in the future to the east-west, north-south to the entire route to provide customers with the best quality service.

“We are very proud to join Maersk, the global market leader, and we are able to use Maersk Line’s excellent airline network and systems while continuing to operate the brand and business model of Hamburg South America,” said Dr. Ottmar Gast, Executive Chairman of Hamburg South America Shipping Group. To provide our customers with personalized shipping solutions.Marsky Shipping and Hamburg South America will enhance the product portfolio to better control costs, customers will benefit from.

Dr. August Oetker, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Autodesk Holding Management Group, said, “Hamburg’s South American roots in the shipping industry for 80 years are not an easy decision for our family to give up. .But we believe that we have chosen the best partner.Marsky Shipping will retain and develop the brand in Hamburg South America, with the company’s brand, organizational structure and dedicated staff for our customers to provide a more reliable, high The quality of maritime logistics services.


Hamburg, South America: 145 years of history

Hamburg South America in the world with more than 250 offices, employees up to 5960, owned by Hamburg South American shipping company, the Chilean national shipping company (CCNI) and Brazil Alianca shipping companies and other brands. In 2015, Hamburg South America annual revenue reached 6.726 billion US dollars, including container shipping business revenue of 6.261 billion US dollars. Hamburg South America has a leading position in the North-South route.

Opened up in Hamburg, South America for 145 years of history, in its current capacity scale ranks seventh in the world behind, is a merger history.

Hamburg in South America in 1871 by the Hamburg 11 trading companies funded the establishment of the South American route to create a fast steam ship shipping history. Experienced the first and second World War two fleet collapse, in 1951, Hamburg, South America, Europe and South America to resume the East Coast routes. From the 1950s onwards, Hamburg, South America began the acquisition of the road. In 1956 the acquisition of Levante Linie shipping company in Germany in 1967, the acquisition of Atlas Levante Linie (ALL) shipping company, 1986 acquisition of Germany Nah-Ost-Linien company, 1989 acquisition of Spanish shipping company Linie Ybarray Cia.Sudamerica SA half equity, 1990 Acquisition of Furness Withy Group, Sweden, LaserLines Shipping Company, Rotterdam RZAL Shipping Company and Havenlijn Shipping Company. Acquisition of Alianca and South Seas Steamship Shipping Company of Brazil in 1998, South Pacific Container Line of South Pacific Container Lines in 1999 And Transroll Europe-South America East Coast Service. In 2000, the company acquired the trans-American liner company Crowley Shipping Company (CAT). In 2003, it took over the Ellerman Mediterranean and India / Pakistan routes, Jianheng Shipping Co., Ltd. Asia-South America. Took over the business of Ybarra Sud Shipping Company, in 2006 took over the Russian Far East Ocean Shipping Company in Australia / New Zealand and Asia, North America port freight business, in 2007 to take over the Costa Rican Container Transport Co., Ltd. from the Mediterranean to the South East, North Coast and the The Americas and from the Caribbean to Canada, Cuba, in 2008 to replace the Australian New Zealand shipping services company’s brand, 2009 to replace the Costa Rican Container Transport Company Limited (CCL) brand in 2015 to take over the Chilean Shipping International Limited (CCNI) Container liner services.

Hamburg South America is one of Germany’s largest and most well-known family-owned business groups. In 1936 the Autodesk Group acquired a share in Hamburg in South America, in 1955 the full acquisition of Hamburg in South America. In addition to the shipping business, the Autodesk Group’s main businesses include the food industry, breweries, gas-filled wines, financial services, top European hotel services, and many other business areas. According to 2014 data, revenue from the shipping business accounted for 47.4% of the entire Autodesk Group, 24% of the food business income, beer and non-alcoholic beverage business accounted for 17.6% revenue, sparkling wine, wine and spirits business income accounted for 6.4 %, And other business revenue accounted for 4.6%.


The merger is expected to be completed by the end of 2017

After the acquisition of Hamburg in South America, Maersk Shipping said it would retain its Hamburg South American shipping companies and Brazil Alianca shipping original independent brands, through their offices around the continue to provide services for customers.

“Maersk Line wishes to retain and protect the competitive and attractive value proposition of customers of Hamburger South America and Brazilian Alianca Shipping, and we look forward to maintaining the personalized services that the two companies offer to their customers, In short, the current customers of Hamburg South American Shipping and Brazilian Alianca Shipping will continue to be customers of both brands in the future.

In the post-acquisition network, customers of Hamburg South America and Maersk will be able to access the exclusive end-to-end services offered by Hamburg South America on North-South routes, while also benefiting from the flexibility and coverage of Maersk Line’s global network. Of the service. In addition, the post-acquisition route network gives Maersk Line the opportunity to develop new routes offering more direct port calls and shorter voyage times.

“The network will provide exciting new opportunities to develop new services and seek operational synergies,” said Szolsohn. “Customers in Hamburg South America and Maersk will benefit from more options And better quality products and services.

Whether the acquisition will be finalized will depend on the results of the due diligence process, as well as a final agreement between the parties and regulatory approvals in China, Korea, Australia, Brazil, the US and the European Union. . Maersk Line said it will work closely with the relevant government agencies. Maersk Line expects the entire approval process to be completed by the end of 2017. Prior to this, Hamburg South America and Maersk shipping will maintain the status quo, continue their respective business.

If the acquisition agreement is approved, Maersk Line is expected to disclose more details at the beginning of the second quarter of 2017. Maersk Line is expected to complete the transaction by the end of 2017.

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