Interpretation of cross-border electricity suppliers Hangzhou mode customs clearance program

  • Date: Nov 04, 2015
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General Administration of Customs approval recently approved the China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area customs supervision program, which is the country’s first cross-border electricity suppliers clearance program, Hangzhou cross-border electricity suppliers in the area of the customs clearance of the 15 relevant policies officially landed. As the country’s first approved the establishment of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, Hangzhou’s new model for business and consumers will bring convenience, reduce costs, but also for the national cross-border electricity suppliers to facilitate customs clearance.
To achieve cross-border electricity suppliers import and export in March this year, China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area approved the establishment of China’s first cross-border electricity suppliers in a comprehensive test area. 20, announced the program, in fact, covering the Hangzhou customs in recent years, a number of pilot cross-border electricity suppliers in the field of customs supervision, the approval of the General Administration of Customs approval, will be fully open in Hangzhou comprehensive test area.
According to the plan, Hangzhou Customs will be on cross-border e-commerce implementation of “put a list of nuclear, centralized payment, withholding” new customs clearance mode, full coverage of cross-border business import and export B2B, B2C pilot model, while reporting mode will be more streamlined.
Sinotrans air transportation development Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch logistics company responsible person Wei Feng Jia is the floor plan of the first witness. 20 days in the cross-border electricity suppliers in Hangzhou City, the city park, Jia Weifeng declared to the customs of a number of cross-border e-commerce package goods, these goods are a lot of Alibaba fast selling platform, eBAy platform on the issue of business, directly to overseas consumers, a sum of orders will produce a package, the amount of each day in 8000.
Jia Weifeng said, in the past so many parcels filled with customs encoding is very troublesome, now simplified, coupled with the release of the process of simplification, can save more than 3 hours a day, so even if the sales season is not worried about the goods can not catch up with the aircraft.
“In general, the new customs clearance mode can save time and cost for the import and export enterprises, and bring convenience to consumers. Enterprise cost is reduced, the shopping cost will be reduced indirectly.” Sun Huawei, deputy director of the office of cross-border E-Commerce Management Office of Hangzhou customs.
Hangzhou customs clearance mode will bring what changes
From 15 specific policies, the cross-border electricity suppliers Hangzhou mode will bring these changes:
– hierarchical supervision, simplify process. Sun Huawei said, for example, not related to the export tax, export tax rebate, license management, and in the amount of 5000 yuan in the Electronic Commerce export goods, business enterprise can be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the simplified declaration, help to improve customs clearance speed, do cross-border electricity suppliers business integrity will experience more convenient customs clearance process.
– paperless customs clearance. In this regulatory scheme, the Customs for cross-border e-commerce “tailored” the all aspects of a set of covers corporate filing, reporting, taxation, inspection and release of goods, transit and customs clearance paperless process. Business enterprise in the import and export declarations, through cross-border e-commerce customs clearance service platform to submit orders, payment, logistics and other electronic information, as well as the relevant electronic data, without the need to submit paper documents to complete the customs import and export declarations.
– “sea Amoy” a group of shopping more convenient. In the scheme, the withholding tax is closely related to centralized initiatives and consumers. Sun Huawei said, according to the new program, consumers in the B2C model of the platform to buy goods, if in accordance with the total need to pay tax, consumers can pay taxes through the business enterprise to the customs, to avoid the trouble of their own tax. Electricity business enterprise monthly concentration of tax payment is more convenient than by tax.
Explore can be copied to promote cross-border electricity suppliers regulatory approach
Sun Huawei said, from the import and export enterprises, cross-border electricity suppliers platform, the relevant regulatory authorities of the initiative, the cross-border electricity suppliers in Hangzhou is gradually formed, and to lay the foundation for further innovative exploration. The regulatory scheme is not only provide convenient for Hangzhou comprehensive experimental area of import and export business, is as the country’s first cross-border comprehensive experimental area, to explore can be copied, the promotion of cross-border supervision way Pathfinder. This also need to import and export related regulatory authorities to cooperate with the linkage.
Hangzhou in the field of cross-border electricity suppliers have already experienced the pilot experience is certainly, the precedent. According to reports, Hangzhou and other places to take the lead in the pilot list of nuclear release, summary report clearance mode, for cross-border electricity suppliers to simplify procedures, reduce customs clearance costs, has been incorporated into the implementation of the relevant policies on the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail sales in 2013.
For the new model of regulation, customs, customs clearance facilitation, will increase the investigation and punishment of illegal enterprises, so that the integrity of business customs clearance more convenient.
Hangzhou customs deputy Kannaga Tadeki said that with the formal introduction of cross-border supervision of the customs, the next step will focus on supporting the comprehensive test area to carry out cross-border electricity suppliers B2B business, supporting cross-border e-commerce growth.

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