Joint declaration of 19 ports worldwide: keep ports open to ensure unimpeded maritime trade

  • Date: Apr 28, 2020
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People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 27 (Reporter Qiao Xuefeng) Shipping carries over 80% of the world’s trade in goods. The port is the junction of international shipping, and plays a vital logistics service and commercial function.

Recently, in a video conference at the director level of the Port Management Agency Round Table (PAR), 19 ports around the world including Shanghai Port, Zhoushan Port and Guangzhou Port in China jointly issued a statement calling on major ports around the world to keep ports open as much as possible. To help stabilize world trade and prevent and control seaport outbreaks.

The statement pointed out that major ports should establish open communication channels and promote closer collaboration so that ports and maritime authorities can share their experience in fighting new coronary pneumonia and exchange information, while ensuring the smooth flow of maritime trade; continue to take the most Good practices, including precautions against the shipping industry, advice and assistance to shore personnel and crew, safe handling of cargo and measures to deal with new cases of pneumonia; maintaining global supply chain and trade, cargo circulation, and merchant ships can continue to dock at the dock Cargo operations.

PAR members believe that the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has a profound impact on many aspects, including global trade. “In the process of fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia globally, the ports and shipping departments play a vital role in keeping trade flows smooth.”

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued a statement and issued guidance to the global shipping industry to respond to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, in order to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic on the shipping industry. In this regard, PAR said that we agree with the recent statement issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and emphasized the need to minimize interference with maritime trade and shipping activities so that important goods, especially essential goods and basic medical supplies, can continue to differ in the world Barrier-free circulation in the area.

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