Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” International Cooperation Summit Forum and delivered a keynote speech

  • Date: May 15, 2017
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Will be “the Belt and Road Initiatives” to build a peaceful and prosperous and open the road of innovation and civilization

According to the Xinhua news agency, on May 14, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” International Cooperation Summit Forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled 《Work together to promote “the Belt and Road Initiatives” construction》, emphasizing adherence to peaceful cooperation, Open and inclusive, mutual education, mutual benefit and win-win as the core of the Silk Road spirit, work together to promote the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” to build a stable Zhiyuan, “the Belt and Road Initiatives” built peace, prosperity, openness, innovation, , Towards a better tomorrow. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli presided over the opening ceremony.
Xi Jinping pointed out that the ancient Silk Road opened a new window of friendly exchanges between countries, writing a new chapter in the development and progress of mankind, and accumulated the spirit of Silk Road with peace, cooperation, openness, mutual education, mutual benefit and win-win Is a valuable legacy of human civilization.
Xi Jinping stressed that human society is in a big development big change big adjustment era. World multipolarization, economic globalization, social information, cultural diversification in-depth development, the general trend of peaceful development is still strong, the pace of change and innovation continue to move forward. At the same time, the deficit, the deficit, the deficit, is a serious challenge facing all mankind. In 2013, I proposed in Kazakhstan and Indonesia to build the Silk Road Economic Zone and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” initiative. Over the past four years, more than 100 countries and international organizations have actively supported and participated in the construction of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, the United Nations General Assembly, the UN Security Council and other important resolutions are also included in the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” construction content. “the Belt and Road Initiatives” building gradually transformed from the concept into action, from the vision into reality, the construction of fruitful.
One is that policy communication is deepening. “the Belt and Road Initiatives” to achieve the purpose of strategic docking, complementary advantages. We have signed cooperation agreements with more than 40 countries and international organizations in coordination with the countries concerned, docking planning, and cooperating with more than 30 countries. Second, facilities Unicom continue to strengthen. At present, China and Pakistan, China, Mongolia and Russia, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge and other economic corridors to lead the land and sea airway and information highway as a skeleton to the railway, port, pipe network and other major projects as the basis, a complex basis The facility network is forming. Third, trade is improving. From 2014 to 2016, China with the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” along the country’s total trade volume of more than 3 trillion US dollars. China’s “the Belt and Road Initiatives” along the country’s total investment of more than 50 billion US dollars. Chinese companies have built 56 economic and trade cooperation zones in more than 20 countries, creating nearly $ 1.1 billion in taxes and 180,000 jobs for the countries concerned. Fourth, capital financing has been expanding. China has carried out various forms of financial cooperation with its participating countries and organizations. These new financial mechanisms, such as the traditional multilateral financial institutions of the World Bank, each have their own emphasis and complement each other, forming a clear and beginning-up “the Belt and Road Initiatives” financial cooperation The internet. Five is the people continue to promote the same. Participating countries to carry out the intellectual Silk Road, healthy Silk Road and other construction, in science, education, culture, health, folk exchanges and other fields extensive cooperation.
Xi Jinping pointed out that “the Belt and Road Initiatives” initiative conform to the trend of the times, adapt to the law of development, in line with the interests of all peoples, with broad prospects. We have to take advantage of the situation, and the opportunity to promote the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” to build a stable Zhiyuan, towards a better future.
First, the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” into the road of peace. To build a win-win cooperation as the core of the new international relations, to create dialogue is not confrontation, with non-aligned partnership. States should respect their sovereignty, dignity, territorial integrity, respect for each other’s development path and social system, respect each other’s core interests and major concerns. To establish a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concept, to create a shared security structure.
Second, the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” into the road of prosperity. Promote the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” construction, to focus on the development of this fundamental issue, the release of national development potential, to achieve economic integration, the development of large linkage, the results of large sharing. To build a stable, sustainable and risk-control financial security system, innovation investment and financing model; to focus on promoting the land, sea, sky, online four Unicom, solid advance the six major economic Corridor construction, construction of the global energy Internet, improve cross-regional logistics network construction; to promote the policy, rules, standards three of the Unicom.
Third, the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” into an open road. To build an open platform for cooperation, maintain and develop an open world economy, and jointly create an environment conducive to open development, and promote the construction of a fair, reasonable and transparent international economic and trade investment rules system. To maintain the multilateral trading system, promote the construction of free trade zones, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and strive to solve the development imbalance, governance difficulties, the digital divide, the distribution gap and other issues, open, inclusive, Pratt & Whitney, balanced and win-win Economic Globalization.
Fourth, the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” into the road of innovation. To adhere to innovation-driven development, the construction of the 21st century digital Silk Road. To promote science and technology with the industry, science and technology with the depth of financial integration for the Internet era of young people to create business space, entrepreneurship workshop. To implement the new concept of green development, to achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals.
Fifth, the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” into a civilized road. To cross the civilization of civilization, civilization cross each other beyond the clash of civilizations, civilization coexistence beyond the superior civilization, to promote mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual trust. We should establish a multi-level cultural cooperation mechanism, promote educational cooperation, play the role of think tank, promote cultural, sports, health and pragmatic cooperation, make good use of historical and cultural heritage, close contacts in various fields. To strengthen the international anti-corruption cooperation, so that “the Belt and Road Initiatives” to become a clean road.
Xi Jinping stressed that China’s development is standing on a new starting point. China will thoroughly implement the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, as “the Belt and Road Initiatives” into a powerful driving force for the development of the world to bring new opportunities. On the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, China is willing to develop friendly and cooperative cooperation with all the participating countries, and is willing to share the development experience with the rest of the world, create a new model of win-win cooperation and build a harmonious coexistence. Has reached an agreement of the pragmatic cooperation project as soon as possible, early results; will increase financial support to the Silk Road Fund new funds 100 billion yuan to encourage financial institutions to carry out RMB overseas fund business, the scale is expected to 300 billion yuan; Facilities investment banks, BRIC National Development Bank, the World Bank and other multilateral development agencies to support the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” project; will actively with the participating countries to develop mutually beneficial and win-win economic and trade partnership, the construction of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” freedom Trade network, China will be held from 2018 onwards China International Import Fair; is willing to strengthen cooperation with countries to start, “the Belt and Road Initiatives” scientific and technological innovation action plan, to carry out scientific and technological exchanges, to build a joint laboratory, science and technology park cooperation, Transfer of four actions; to help participate in the “One Way One Way” construction of developing countries and international organizations Construction of more livelihood projects; will set up “the Belt and Road Initiatives” international cooperation summit follow-up contact mechanism, the establishment of financial development research center, promote the center, cooperation in the establishment of multilateral development financing cooperation center, capacity building center, to create a new platform for humanistic cooperation.
Xi Jinping pointed out that “the Belt and Road Initiatives” to build roots in the Silk Road, the historical soil, focusing on Asia and Africa non-continent, while open to all friends. “the Belt and Road Initiatives” construction will be jointly discussed by everyone, the construction results will be shared by everyone. “the Belt and Road Initiatives” building is a great cause that requires great practice. Let us step by step to promote the implementation of one step, one by one to catch the results for the benefit of the world, the benefit of the people.


“the Belt and Road Initiatives” International Cooperation Summit Forum is the largest and largest international conference in the framework of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” in China. The theme is “to strengthen international cooperation and build ‘the Belt and Road Initiatives’ to achieve Win-win development “, by the opening ceremony, the leaders round table summit, high-level meeting composed of three parts. Including 1,500 foreign heads of state and government leaders, including more than 130 countries and more than 70 international organizations, about 1,500 representatives attended the summit.

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